Streetcar Sundays – 152

This week I have a dandy for you, and if it interests you enough you might even want to purchase it. Now there is no certainty that this is a MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic, however, it does have all of the trappings of a Men Are Like Streetcars spanking. The couch, the left handed spanking, the year and you can also just see the additional actor coming into the picture to stop the spanking. Hopefully he took a slow walk!! Like a said, not a guarantee that this is a Streetcars spanking pic, but I would put my money on it being one.

Now the good news, it is currently up on EBay, the opening bid is going to be $9.99, but maybe you want to bid on it yourself? You can do so by CLICKING HERE.

Yet another classic Windsor find to contribute to the community 🙂 You’re welcome!! 😉

2 thoughts on “Streetcar Sundays – 152

  1. Yes indeed thank you very much it is a great spanking pic quite clear and by the borders of is an actual picture not one from a newspaper or magazine. Great find thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    For sure, it is definitely a proper picture. A lot of people don’t know this but I used to buy and sell vintage photos, and I still have 1000’s of them in my possession, so I can spot the genuine article a mile away 🙂 Hopefully the person selling it can make a bit of money from the link.

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