Thursday Throwback

Just one more day at work and I get a three day weekend which I am so looking forward to. Not only will it give me a much needed break from what will be roughly a 70 hour week,  but I can also write about some of my favorite things. One topic that I wanted to cover is a remaining bucket list so I hope to do that this weekend,  and I also wanted to do a semi vanilla post about things that you might not know about me. Obviously the gist of this blog is all about spanking,  but maybe you will be interest in knowing some of the things that I like from music to movies,  to my beliefs etc,  it could make for a fun post.

Anyway,  I wanted to cram a quick post in as I have been making a concerted effort to post on a more regular basis,  and I just found this one in my archive of pics. I have a ton of these pics that aren’t really good by any means,  but of course they all have some historical significance. There is no background to it so let your imaginations run wild 🙂

s-l1600 (1)JH