The Vagabond King

I don’t ever recall seeing this lobby card from the Vagabond King before. It may be out there somewhere, but it is a new spanking image for me.

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  • Maria White

    That’s Rita Moreno getting it.

  • Dan Rivera

    Nice find of that lobby card,for “The Vagabond King”(1956). It may interest you and your fans to know that,despite this seemingly action-filled photo,in the finished film Oreste Kirkop DOES NOT actually spank Rita Moreno;but,in the promotional video clip for that scene,he DOES.

    I’m guessing that during filming,Oreste was instructed by the director to go ahead and land some swats on the nubile Moreno rear end,and so he did. Then,in post-production,director Michael Curtiz probably looked at the rushes and decided that the spanking scene ran a little too long,so he trimmed it to include only the set-up,with Oreste bending Ms. Moreno over and beginning a spanking but not completing it. But you can still see swats landing,in the promo video.


  • There is another still from “The Vagabond King”that I’ve seen but it’s not the same as this one. As Dan Rivera explains,the spanking didn’t make it into the final cut of the film –a major mistake! Everyone would have loved it.

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