Never Too Old

In honor of those of us who are pushing 60 years of age, I share with you an image of an older couple having a bit of spanking fun while picking berries.

By the way, if you enjoy audio stories then I have a brand new one over on my vanilla blog. It is a scary story entitled The Ghost’s Summons that I have recorded in honor of the Christmas season. Telling scary stories at Christmastime used to be a British tradition.

The story is 20 minutes long and it turned out really well, the writing was perfect for my voice. You can listen to the story by clicking RIGHT HERE.

One thought on “Never Too Old

  1. Though 60 is long past and no longer visible in my rear-view mirror, I get the thought. Funny, as a child, I was into kids getting spanked, but by High School I was already into adult spanking. A simple question to my girlfriend as to whether she would be mad if I spanked her in front of our kids, and she said that it would only matter if it was for discipline, opened my eyes to adult spanking for good! Now, I do not believe kids should get spanked, even in fiction. Only adults. I won’t even read most stories anymore if it centers on a child. I believe life is hard enough that children don’t need physical harm to form into well-adjusted adults. Adults, however, should know better and suffer the dire consequences of their behavior (in fiction only). But, I digress…

    Wonderful pic. As always, thanks for sharing all you do!

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