A Good Day For Hunting

Finally I get a day off where I can spend some time on my favorite hobby,  picture hunting. It might also be a good time to write part two of the 3 GIRLS STORY.

So far today I have spent two hours on a picture search and I have turned up absolutely nothing so far. I guess it is like fishing,  sometimes you need to find a new spot. Anyway,  I’m feeling in a good mood and as I always like to give stuff away,  I figured I would slash one of my videos to half price for the weekend. It isn’t exactly half price but $15.99 is as low as the site will let me go.

In this video you get two stories and the video runs for an entire hour. Spankings by hand,  hairbrush and belt,  both girls in white nylon panties at my request. So if you ever felt like getting this it is $15.99 which is less than a tenner if you are in the UK.

Purchase on CLIPS4SALE

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