Streetcar Sundays – 83

Is there increased posting happening on the blog of Richard Windsor? Yes,  there is,  and it is likely to continue.

I’ve known that my company was in financial difficulty for some time now,  and this week the ball was dropped. Half of the USA staff were dropped and I’m told that my department of four is being slashed. Funny enough,  two of the team in the UK have already being told,  but they haven’t informed me yet. I just know because I have friends in high places. I’m anticipating a June 1st end date,  perhaps a shade longer if I have to physically close the office.

What it means for me is that I will be self employed for the rest of 2018,  partially in the hopes that my company starts up again in a new form. That is entirely possible. So I’m going to work on the Internet with my referrals,  I’ll be using my SPANKING PICS site primarily for that. Then I will get back to selling the vintage pictures that I sell,  plus I have some money put aside so I want to give the self employment a shot. Regardless of anything else,  I’m still going to Japan. That money is put away,  I will just have more freedom now as to when I go.

Also,  I was thinking about part 2 of the Mother spanks Daughter spanking story,  so I went over to the questionnaire results to have a look at what people wanted. Of course it is very varied,  but 5 people each requested the following scenarios,  Mom spanks Bri,  Mom spanks Elaine,  Tim spanks Elaine. Those were the most requested,  others included Elaine’s mom spanking Tim,  Tim spanking Elaine’s mom,  mom spanking both girls,  someone even requested that Tim fuck Elaine’s mom. Anyway,  your responses have given me some great ideas,  in fact someone even suggested Elaine wear ankle socks,  and why not,  if that makes a spanking scene for you then I will be happy to include it. If you have your own suggestions then the simple questionnaire is at the bottom of THIS LINK.

Now for my weekly MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic. I was torn between one or two different photos but because this one is a hand spanking as opposed to a newspaper then this one wins out this week. I even found another pic last night that looks great,  but I can’t get more than a small version right now that doesn’t show much detail. Hopefully I will be able to find a full sized version along the way.

The photo this week is from San Rafael in California and it is from the year 1952.

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