Streetcar Sundays – 74

It has been a while but next week I return to Shadowlane for their annual party. Two years ago our family was dealing with our mom’s terminal illness and last year I was waiting for my green card renewal,  so I haven’t been to the Shadowlane party since 2013.

I’m going to have my audio recorder with me in the hopes that I can snag an interview or two,  but I’m not going to be filming this go around. It’s funny really that the party is just a few days away,  right at the time in my life where I don’t even think about spanking anymore. That will be a topic that I will write about shortly,  but at one time in my life I thought about spanking 24/7,  but now weeks can go by when I don’t think about it a single time.

Anyway.  this weeks MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking photo is from 1956 from the great state of Pennsylvania. This will be added to the Streetcars folder which you can access by clicking on the highlighted text.

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  • jimc

    i really enjoyed this find as the positioning and expressions are really superb as i enjoy both of those in an otk picture. i always enjoy your finds and thank you for sharing them. Enjoy the party and i hope you get some good material. Have a great day.


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