Streetcar Sundays – 65

Here we go guys,  I’m trying to get fully back into the swing of things and posting on a regular basis once again. I’ve mentioned to you many times,  this blog isn’t going anywhere any time soon,  I have a wealth of material to share with you all and I won’t be satisfied until I have done so.

Before the spanking photo this week,  I just want to touch on a couple of vanilla items. Actually,  you know what,  I will post the spanking photo first,  that way if you don’t want to hear my vanilla ramblings then you can just look at the photo and then go back to searching other spanking blogs. Under the photo though I will carry on with a combination of vanilla prose mixed with some spanking talk if you are interested.

This week’s MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking photo comes from Plattsmouth,  NE in 1955.

plattsmouth ne 55

First up I have a bit of early year end spanking news. This year is my tenth year of having this blog,  think about that for a minute,  10 years!! It is one of the oldest spanking blogs out there,  I think that there are about ten of us who have had a spanking blog for ten years or more. Anyway,  every year since this blog has been in existence,  the story of the first spanking that I ever gave has been the most popular story,  year after year for every year I have had the blog. 1979  –  THE FIRST SPANKING

This year is going to be different though,  and like a presidential election I can call this result already,  there will be a new story this year that will be the most read story of the year. Even though there is still four months of the year left,  ELLEE’S STORY already has 50% more views than the second most read story which is the one above. ellee’s story has been read nearly 5,000 times this year while the first spanking has been read roughly 3,200 times this year. Ironically the story of ellee is also about meeting ellee for the first time and then playing with her the next time that we met.

Now some vanilla stuff. As anyone who knows me knows,  I simply love old time music and films. It isn’t just spanking photos,  this extends to my tastes outside of spanking. The other day I was listening to an old time British entertainer by the name of George Formby. George was a Ukulele player and was a huge star back in the 1930’s and 1940’s making many lightweight films showcasing his talent. As I was listening to him I also started to read about him and one thing that I never knew was that his dad was a top of the bill entertainer in the late 1800’s,  early 1900’s. So I was fascinated as George Formby had always been a household name and I wanted to read up on his Father. Believe it or not,  on Youtube there is a small collection of his Father’s recordings. So like a kid at Christmas I started to listen to them and I was blown away,  for the primary reason that George Formby Jnr basically used the same act that his Father,  George Formby Snr had used. Obviously the former refined the act,  but it was basically the same act. Incidentally,  one of the characters that George Formby Snr. created became the inspiration for Charlie Chaplin’s  “Tramp”  character. What a small world we live in. Now I don’t expect anyone to be remotely interested in the recording below from 1910,  but for my British readers,  you tell me if the first few lines that you hear isn’t the same sound as the George Formby we all know and love,  albeit perhaps just a little slower. In fact part of the lyrics in the first song he gets caned at school,  lol.

George Formby Snr. also created the phrase  “It’s not the cough that carries you off,  it’s the coffin they carries you off in!”  and at the time of his death his diary revealed that he had full bookings already in place for the next five years. One final thing,  I already own the box set of the entire known collection of George Formby Jnr’s recordings,  it looks like I need to also start building my George Formby Snr. collection as well.

This morning I am probably going to listen to more of him as I sort through my vintage photos and before the England national football team bores me to death at noon USA time.

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