Windsor Wednesday Classic – 106

My Wednesday classic this week is a little different to my usual offering, and quite frankly I am cheating. Normally I have to edit what I give you, catalog it in a spreadsheet and then add links. The reason that I use a spreadsheet is that a few years from now the inevitable questions are going to come up as to their origin and I will be able to enlighten them. I mean shoot, people lift photos from this blog already and post them under the  “No idea where this came from” category already, so science only knows what will happen when a few years pass 🙂

It is also the start of the fantasy football season which does take a bit of my spare time. Last year I won the 24 team, two conference dynasty league, and I think that I did it in time because I compare my roster to the other rosters this year and I have my work cut out. Just as a side note to that, in the 13 years that we have done this league, I’m the only team out of the 24 never to have posted a losing season since the beginning. At worst my record has been 500 and that was only once. Then I also had a draft this week for the league I have been in for 14 years. This league is a 16 team league and is as tough as can be. I won this one back in 2007 but haven’t come close since. This year though I think that I have drafted my best team in a long time. Remember for you fantasy football fans, there are 16 teams so imagine the dregs that are left for your second RB. Matched up against the other teams though I like what I have, a primary of Newton, Forte, CJ Anderson, Crabtree, Desean Jackson and Antonio Gates, plus on the bench I have Christine Michael, Chris Johnson, Tannehill etc, etc. Just trust me, for a 16 team league I did well this year.

Anyway, on to the spanking photo for this week. Like I said, I got a bit lazy because I have to start work super early tomorrow and I need to get to bed. So I snagged this one off of Ebay and even though cartoon spankings are not normally my thing, this one is pretty cool. My German friends should especially enjoy it. Maybe one of them can translate it for us all?


3 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 106

  • georgb99

    The text roughly says:

    ‘A woman like you,who causes nothing but frustration and discomfort to her man,does indeed deserve a sound beating.’

    It is writen as a rhyme.

    The word used for ‘beating’is the old fashioned and out of use expression ‘durchgebläut’. Like in ‘beating someone black and blue’. She gets ‘blued’,meaning the bruises caused by the beating.

  • NJSpank

    Well done.
    I picked up twenty points last night despite Olsen not getting into the end zone and so it begins

  • Richard Windsor


    I got off to a good start. In my dynasty I had CJ Anderson which was good for 32.90,but this is a 2 QB league so there is a long way to go. In the 16 team redraft though I bagged 62.41 from Newton and CJ. That puts me as a decent favorite for week 1.

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