Streetcar Sundays – 62

I’m going to be spoiling myself tonight by indulging in some British TV. It is a rare day that I am home before 9pm and I am so far behind on Peaky Blinders that I want to try and grab 3 episodes tonight if I can. Coming up shortly I am going to be making a post about my obsession with British television and films,  and there is a new one starting shortly called  “13”  that I desperately need to remember to watch when it comes out. The premise real quick is about a 26 year old who has been held captive for 13 years and manages to escape. This is British TV though,  so don’t expect a fairy tale,  Hollywood ending. Anyway,  coming soon I will share with you some of my favorite British shows,  and ones that I want to get my hands on,  the list is topped by  “The Accused”  though,  so if you get a chance just take my word for it,  it is an awesome show,  season 2 especially. But I won’t get carried away just yet,  that will be for a later post and I also want to make a vanilla one about my taste in music. When I say vanilla,  I of course mean that the writing will be vanilla,  but you know that you will get spanking pics with it.

This weeks Streetcars pic is from Yuma,  Arizona in 1955

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder.

Yuma AZ 55

2 comments to Streetcar Sundays – 62

  • NJSpank

    Nice post. Will take a look at the show. British TV has always been light years ahead of us. Yes anxious to read about your musical tastes. I love music

  • jimc

    I always enjoy the expressions in these spankings. I always think the costume people do a fine job on getting costumes that do shape the bottom when otk. Great find thanks for sharing it. Have a great day.


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