Streetcar Sundays – 56

This pic I promised a few weeks ago but I eventually got caught up leading the way with my top ten posts of 2015 in various categories. As I have mentioned numerous times,  blogging about spanking is all about finding your own niche,  and my annual top ten lists are one of those features that I bring each year.

It is actually one of the things that I love about spanking blogs,  each one brings their own unique angle to the spanking community. While I have many spankings from mainstream cinema yet to be seen on the Internet  (let me specify,  not seen in a spanking context)  that is the area of expertise of Chross and his team of researchers,  so I try to avoid posting them unless I have something really unique to offer. Inta Habibi and Flickorna are two off the top of my head that I personally researched and found the clips of. Cartoon/Comic spankings are the forte of The Chicago Spanking Review. Now when I post comics I do try to look through his collection,  but he has so many comic book spankings that it is near impossible to go through them all.

Because that is their chosen fields I only rarely broach into them and that is only if I feel like I have something unique to offer. Of course I do post copious amounts of movie related spanking pictures and dozens of them have been used to enhance various presentations of films. But that is what we are all here for,  to share the love.

There are some blogs that focus on stories,  and based on the hits that my own stories get I am going to guess that story blogs receive an awful lot of traffic. A lot of blogs have their own special features though,  Chross’  spankings of the week,  Bonnie’s Love our Lurkers,  Hermoine’s Sunday Brunch,   Veronica’s Cartoons along with other weekly features. Now I know that there are dozens of you out with your own features,  and if you want to leave them in the comments I will be sure to add them. In fact maybe I will collect them all and make a special post of everyone’s special weekly features. That is an idea that I like but I will need your help to point out the special weekly features of each blog.

Anyway,  point being,  take a look at my link list to the right there and browse through a few blogs. If there is something that you like then be sure to bookmark it,  or subscribe to their RSS feed. That is one thing that I always wished had taken off more,  people subscribing to feeds. I have over 100 people subscribed to this blog and I personally subscribe to half a dozen blogs myself. What happens is,  when you subscribe to someone you get their posts in your email,  and for someone like me who is always battling time,  that is a wonderful tool to have.

Anyway,  it is time for some wonderful spanking news. If you go over to my vintage site you will see that I have restarted my SORORITY SPANKING SUNDAY’S feature. I still have three dozen sorority pics left so that feature will run for a while.

However,  it is now time for the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic. This pic was actually featured in streetcar Sunday’s number 25 in 2013,  but like any good collector,  just because I have a spanking pic it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a better copy somewhere else still to be found. This is one such case,  while the original is decent,  this copy blows it out of the water. I hope that you enjoy it. (Click on the pic for the full sized version)

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder.


2 comments to Streetcar Sundays – 56

  • NJSpank

    Nice referrals rich.

  • jimc

    Yes, nice referrals I do check all of them and I will go to you from them sometimes as well. I enjoy all of your finds and that you share with us. I esp. liked this Men are like streetcars pic as I enjoy otk the most and this was just great as positioning and expressions went. (you get to see the spankees face in this one and is close enough that you can see details about the costume and the furniture). Great finds. I do enjoy your stories , but I enjoy photos and artwork more. So thank you for all aspects of your sites as we really do appreciate all your time and effort in providing us spankos a plethora of spanking enjoyment. Have a great day.


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