Streetcar Sundays – 25

Suppose I had better start posting to my blogs again,  huh?

There is so much coming up that things are a bit crazy at the moment. Next week I am going to be doing some filming which I will post about later this week,  but this is something that I am really excited about. It will be a long production and I already have the script which has made me very happy.

The week after that is the SSNY annual Christmas party. People are flying in from all around the country and indeed from overseas as well to take part in this weekend long event. At BBW I made an error where I didn’t ask someone to play and I regretted it all year,  well thankfully I have already been in touch with the girl in question,  DragonEmrys,  and she is my number 1 priority at the party in two weeks time. Again though,  I will post more about the party during the week sometime,  but there are so many activities planned that it is going to be the best Christmas party yet.

The final item on the list was something that I saw on Fetlife this week. I logged on for the first time in a month to post on the SSNY board and saw a bunch of messages that I had received during my absence. One of them was concerning a party in Las Vegas which I went to earlier in the year. Now this party earlier in the year set my year up tremendously,  in fact one event from this party was the most popular post of the year on this blog. I’m going to do everything in my power to go to this event again because the people who host it are the most welcoming and friendly couple in the scene. When I look at role models as to how people should act then these two people define that,  the most welcoming individuals that you can find.

There is a problem though that might prevent me from going. Unfortunately my job is precarious right now. At the moment our company has split in two and we have lost around 50% of our employees. Nobody really knows what is going on right now,  but if I was a betting man I’m going to guess that our company will fold in some form. Now whether that means that we are acquired by another company I have no idea,  and if we are then it is also a question of whether we will be retained. Now I want to go to the Vegas party really badly,  but I have to be realistic. My entire party schedule in 2014 will be determined by my employment status.

That is one of the reasons why I have enjoyed myself so much this year,  not knowing how long it will last. There has been a few comments that things are different for me this year but they are really not. It has been the best year ever in regards to playing and doing the things that I have wanted to do. I think what is different and what people are seeing is that I am doing most of my playing now privately. It is the less is more syndrome and it has been not only a fabulous year,  but it has also been the happiest year ever in the scene for me. Part of the happiness is self induced,  I have removed myself from situations that I feel are designed to impede on my happiness. Likewise,  I have placed myself in situations where my enjoyment is maximized.

Right,  so it’s now time for me to feed the spanking world with something new.

Even though my posting hasn’t been frequent lately,  don’t worry. This blog is coming up on its seventh year anniversary and will be here for many years to come. I literally have 100’s of spanking pics that are new to all but a few of the spanking community,  and despite some frustration at times due to a respect issue,  I do plan on sharing everything with you all as time goes on.

This weeks Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic is from 1952.

As always,  this will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS SPANKING FOLDER.

nee 52


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  • NJSpank

    As much as you are one of the corner stones of the weekend, sorry I missing it but good lord jobs are so precious…..hope it all works out for you.


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