Streetcar Sundays – 49

Yesterday I actually took some time off for myself and lounged around,  catching up with Game Of Thrones. I’m now up to season 5 episode 2 so I have binged pretty well so far. I was also able to put together the Saturday Gazette which I thoroughly enjoyed doing,  so much so that I might create a fun spanking newspaper in a PDF format. In a way I wish that I had more time to do that on a frequent basis,  but I am going to create one to see what it looks like. Due to the fact that the word  “Panties”  is the most searched word on this site,  next to my name,  I also took the time to edit a 23 minute video featuring nothing but panty spankings from a variety of my personal videos. This has been requested many times so now I have it. It is attached to the PANTY SPANKING survey in order to drive more traffic to this site. Bottom line,  the more traffic I get the more I can earn,  and in return it means that I can keep paying monthly subscriptions to bring you spanking pics that you won’t find anywhere else save for Harry’s site. A win/win situation.

This weeks Streetcars pic is from 1953 and this go around I have left the play description in the pic so that you can all put it into conteext.

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS folder.

west lampeter PA 53

2 comments to Streetcar Sundays – 49

  • jimc

    great find. It is classic in her position and hiding her face. As most getting spanked they do tend to hide their face in the couch instead of letting us see them. This is not really a complaint, but is interesting in a way as some of the girls are looking up and others she is resigned to the spanking and buries her face until it is done so I wonder if she is secretly enjoying them and hiding her smile at least that is the way I like to imagine them sometimes. Have a great day.

  • Richard Windsor


    I do like the face position but I’m not a fan of the spanking position, she is like half otk and hasn’t been secured.


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