The Saturday Gazette

Is your newspaper devoid of interesting stories on a Saturday? Never fear good people,  Richard Windsor is here to deliver a spanking edition of the Saturday Gazette. We have news,  entertainment,  books,  comics and a wanted poster.

In The News

In light of Ariana Grande’s  “I hate America”  comments this week and doughnut licking exploits,  there have been renewed calls for the old patent of the spanking machine to be acted upon. The court of public opinion has spoken loudly and deemed that Ariana could use the full benefit of a switching as depicted below. The switching will not cease until she has completed the Star Spangled Banner.


In local news a haughty young miss laid down the law this week that she was old enough to do as she pleases. Our observant cameraman was able to catch the response of the Mother to this statement. Her response went along the lines of  “Under my house you will follow my rules”  and she reinforced her maternal duties upon her daughters frilly,  panty clad fanny. I guess the old saying is true,  NOBODY is ever too old for a spanking!!



This week we have a review of Shirley Temple’s  “Kiss and Tell”,  along with a movie poster of an upcoming attraction.

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This weeks recommendation is by renowned noir author,  Curt Aldrich. A tale of the loves of a gas station attendant.


Weekly Comics

The 1940’s were a simple time,  a time where one could spank a female and soon she would be madly in love.



Have you seen this girl? She is wanted for trespassing and defacing public property. If caught she will be presented to the courts in picture number one,  yet another girl in need of a switching!!


I hope that this brightens up your Saturday. If I get time I will pre-post an edition for next Saturday as well. It won’t be a regular feature though as my time is limited,  but it might give other bloggers an idea to run their own weekly gazette. Also known as riding on ones coattails 🙂

Feel free to comment below,  it is all good fun.

2 comments to The Saturday Gazette

  • Luther

    Great stuff, cheers Richard!

  • Richard Windsor

    Thanks, Luther.

    I have a ton of spanking related material that I doubt will ever get posted, so if I create the odd Saturday gazette I can unload some. You know like spanking clothing, sculptures, comics etc.


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