Streetcar Sundays – 10

Only 5 people so far want the free video giveaway, no wonder it stopped selling online :) If you want the free 25 minute video just follow THIS LINK and comment on a story, it is that easy and there are no strings attached.

So 50% of my Men Are Like Streetcars pics feature the spanking being given with a newspaper, which we all know is pretty lame. Obviously I tend to post the OTK hand spanking pics but at some point I also have to start posting some newspaper ones. This following pic is from 1954 and a good time seems to be being had by all. Of course if she was getting a proper spanking perhaps she wouldn’t have much to smile about :)

As always, check out the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS folder where you will find 20 like minded pics from this play that I have brought to you, and don’t worry, I still have 67 more (at the moment) to come from this play so this feature will be around for a while.

spr 54


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