Juke Joint 1947

In this scene from Spencer Williams’ Juke Joint, Mama Lou (Inez Newell) stops her daughter, Florida (Katherine Moore) from eloping and gives her a sound spanking on the seat of her panties with a hairbrush. Another Windsor original, cut from my personal copy of the film. Told you I would find it, Pixie 🙂

2 comments to Juke Joint 1947

  • NJSpank


    This is amazing,wow,not that is one maternal and sound spanking,the last few seconds are just incredible but love the build up to the spanking,wow,hairbrush and all,that is life!
    Thanks,this is a classic

  • Quite a find –I’d never even heard of it. The final shot through the keyhole was probably considered rather risque for its day.

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