Time Deprived

Once again I am struggling to find the time to post what I have wanted to post. Not that I don’t have time to post, I just don’t have the time to write what I want to write. At the moment I have started part two of my “Year of the Houndog”post, but I have no idea which direction it will take nor how long it will take. It sucks that I am so busy that I don’t have time to write. This weekend is full as well. Tomorrow I will be heading to the SSNY house to help them with the preparation for the BBW weekend party, which is normally one of the highlights of the year. Then on Sunday I have to dash back for a Superbowl party. If you are part of the BBW mailing list you will also know that I am hosting a Pool Party for early arrivals on the Thursday between 2-4pm, hopefully I will get to meet a bunch of you during that time.

So what do I have today? Quite a bit going on actually. Last night I started a new page for this site due to the success of my other pages. When I started the weekly features I had no idea just how successful they would be. The Sorority Spankings page for instance has had 10,000 views in the last 5 months, that’s just ONE page, it really blows my mind. It is a good feeling that the pages I created are being enjoyed so much. So with that in mind I created a page for my Kiss Me Kate finds that I post. Now Chross of course keeps a database of Kiss Me Kate pics, but there is no way to discern the contributions that I have made to the database, so I am creating my own page for my finds. It is a bit jumbled at the moment until I arrange it all, but the pics are on there.

Coincidentally, this week Chross posted two pics from the new play Forever Young, both of those pics made the album Other Stage Spankings which broke my run of 18 straight contributions to that album!! Looks like I will have to start a new run with my first pic today 🙂 Of course all of my other stage spanking pics are also posted to my own Windsor’s Spanking Finds album.

Before the pics for today I will point out something, the pages that I have created for my own finds will get some restructuring over the coming months. The amount of unique pics that I have to share with you all this year is staggering, so I will be rearranging the albums and creating more to reflect the different areas for the pics pics that I post. You would have noticed a while ago that I pretty much eliminated all spam from this site, so there are areas above that can be deleted and replaced with new, fresh pages for unique content. I don’t think anyone would believe me if I told them just how many spanking pics I have saved over the last ten years, many of which have never been seen before nor have I posted them myself. Let’s just say that the number of pics I have is in 5 figures, though of course most of those pics are not unique ones.

Anyway, let me post today’s pics. The first one is from the play, The Doctor In Spite Of Himself. Now I will admit, I am surprised that this one has not been posted on a spanking blog as of yet, because it was the easiest pic to find. Just put the title in Google and you will find it.


The second pic is of a Birthday Spankingand while it isn’t a classic, you have to love the impact that it leaves 🙂


And finally, because I have a new Kiss Me Kate page, here is my latest Kiss Me Kate offering from South West Florida.

SW Florida

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  • NJSpank

    Nice post and pics Richard,thanks for all you do for us even when you are so dam busy,most appreciated.

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