The Little Hut

This might be to the annoyance of Chross, but I beat him on the Ebay raid tonight due to the time difference. Not that it is a big deal anyway as we will both post it to our respective collections. He will get first dibs on Ebay when I am asleep. I will add this to the WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS folder.

Here we have Anne Vernon being spanked by Roland Culver in the 1953 play “THE LITTLE HUT”. I fell behind writing part 4 of my story but I am halfway through.

1953 Anne Vernon Roland Culver THE LITTLE HUT

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  • Harry

    This is a great improvement on the poor quality version of this photo we had before:well done,Richard!

    In the interests of strict accuracy,this is from the 1953 New York production of the 1950 translation of a 1947 French play. The spanking was introduced in the English version:it isn’t in the French original. More information about the play may be found in these two Spank Statement posts:

  • That’s interesting,Harry. I remember digging up the English-language version of this play back in the 80’s,probably from an old issue of Theatre Arts magazine,and the spanking was definitely in it. Not reading French,it never occurred to me to look up the original. I’d say this play gained something in the translation! Also,it makes you wonder if the translator was a spanko.

    Good find,Richard.

  • Harry

    The translator was Nancy Mitford,one of the famous (or notorious) ‘Mitford sisters’of the 1930s. I have no knowledge of whether she was into spanking. The early part of the play’s London run coincided with that of The Girl Who Coudln’t Quite,which led to some press coverage of how there were not one but two spanking scenes being played eight times a week in the West End!

  • badsherri

    Luv the expression of the guy,funny!

  • NJSpank

    Lovely lady being spanked,thanks

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