The Friday picture show -- Self spanking.

She has a spanking coming up with the wooden spoon,best check to find out how much it hurts.

Sharing an apartment with vanilla’s is difficult,sometimes you have to use the bathtub for some privacy.

Phone discipline.

If I pout and spank myself,will that help me get out of my punishment,Sir?

Ut oh,looks like a naughty girl has been caught spanking herself.

A picture is worth a thousand words,or in this case,a thousand spanks.

6 comments to The Friday picture show —Self spanking.

  • Amber Pixie Wells

    And here I though you were going to show pics of you spanking yourself. *snicker*

  • BrushStrokes

    damn,where did you get these!

  • Richard Windsor

    I hate to say this,but I’m not actually sure!! I know the drawing is a sassybottoms one,but I was going through some old picture CD’s I had and these were on there. I was looking for a set I have from photo1galleries which was only up a short time. They weren’t actual spankings but the picture sets were awesome.

    Now then little kitty,maybe I will post those pics of my bottom that you so kindly colored in with photoshop that one time,just to show everyone what a brat you really are!! Such a bad girl.

  • BrushStrokes

    well regardless very nice post Richard.

  • Dave

    Great post on the self-spanking theme,a genre too often overlooked perhaps.

    Enjoying your site,

    “the cherry red report”

  • Purple Angel

    I enjoyed this post very much considering this morning I had to self spank under phone direction with a wooden hairbrush. Unfortunately I never have pictures since my cats have no skill with a camera. My spanking this morning was for therapuetic reasons but I have to punishment spank this way as well since both men I am accountable to are far away from me.
    Purple Angel

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