The dreaded waiting time when a spanking is due.

I wonder how you guys feel about this topic. Would you guys agree with me that when you have a punishment spanking coming,that the actual wait for the spanking is ten times worse than the spanking is itself? Maybe if I get enough feedback I will post the responses as a separate thread. So how does the wait feel for you? Do you find yourself at times during the day with your mind going blank as you think about what is coming? Do you find that when you know you have a spanking coming that your behavior is impeccable that day? Do you try and plan ways to get out of the spanking? Let me know your thoughts on this subject.

Here are 11 pics that were on an old hard drive of mine that I think sum up the dreaded period when a spanking is coming. I also have a story in my archives where I was caned at school along with 3 other boys which goes into detail about how we all felt that day.

Richard Windsor.

6 comments to The dreaded waiting time when a spanking is due.

  • bratty

    ahhh…the wait. Yes I hate it! N has recently decided that if I do something just to earn a spanking that I don’t get to know when the spanking is coming. It’s usually a day or so later when I don’t need or want the attention and that makes it all the worse. Yes,I am on my best behavior when I know one is coming and yes I do plot ways to get out of it.

    However the worst is when I’m expecting one and I sit in anticipation all day,and it doesn’t happen. Not on purpose,just because life gets in the way,but sometimes a week or so will go by and it still hasn’t happened and we both just say the heck with it…Not like by then I haven’t already earned one for something else,but you get the point.

    N’s only done the corner time before thing a few times,but I hate it!


  • ZED &ginger

    I like the one of the girl peeking thru the stair rails. I remember doing that as a kid –but not waiting for a spanking. Usuaully,I was sneaking to watch a program that was on. 🙂


  • Funny Brat Girl's Spanking Adventures

    I have been waiting for a punishment spanking that I’ve had due for a while now…but don’t think Sir hasn’t taken every opportunity to remind me that it’s coming.

    As of late,I’ve been told that within the next two weeks. Thing is,or hardest part for me rather,is that here I am trying my hardest to stay OUT of more trouble. Absolutely impossible and Sir knows it!! If memory serves me correctly,I know what the last punishment spanking was like and trust me,I’m not exactly thrilled about what is coming. Sure I admit that I get into trouble here and there,but the level of trouble is no where near the magnitute of the punishment spankings he administers. Ooooh no…they are distinctly different.

    So I’ve been patiently waiting,mostly praying that I’ve done some good to erase some of the punishment away,but I know better. He is going to give me exactly what he knows I’ve earned and mostly deserve.

    How does that make me feel? It’s no secret that I haven’t spend the time that I’ve had running over all the details in my head…the different senarios where I did something completely different each time…I know the end result is the same…I AM to be punished. Any day now….any minute now…*sigh*

    ~funny brat girl

  • Ruby Redd

    What great stills. And yes,I dread the wait before a punishment spanking. Luckily I hardly ever have to wait!


  • ~gail

    I hate the waiting part. I think I even started a thread on SIN about it a couple of years ago. I remember having done something to get in trouble and I was told I would be punished –but then I was going on vacation and the punishment had to be postponed. Oh,the giant butterflies …

    I managed to have fun on vacation but when I got back I still didnt know when it would happen. (Sort of hoping it would be forgotten but knowing it wouldnt.)

    I finally ended up requesting “to be punished already”–with all due respect of course –just because the waiting was making me so antsy.

    Then when the time was decided upon –I had to wait another day and the butterflies got even bigger.

    A friend with me at the time was sort of laughing at me because of all of the turmoil I was basically causing myself during that waiting time. LOL

    So,yes I would agree that the waiting is ten times worse (usually) than the acutal punishment.

  • spanking~amber

    Great pics Mr.Puppy 🙂
    I related rather well to the girl on the staircase andthe one sitting on her bed with the report card next to her. Butterfly memories such as these are never forgotten from our growing up years.

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