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As you well know by now, I pride myself on trying to bring you all the most unique spanking pics I can find. Not that an occasional pic wouldn’t have been posted elsewhere, but I try my best to keep things original and locate rare pics for you all. I dare say that I have stacks of pics hidden in folders that have yet to be seen that I have collected over the years, they just haven’t made the blog yet :)

Anyway, here is something that I think is new, as well as a couple of items of fun interest for events coming up.

The first pic is from the 1931 movie, Beloved Bachelor. Now I’m not sure if there is a spanking in the film or not, I will leave that up to the researchers who might have a little more time than I do. Here we see Dorothy Jordan being Spanked by Paul Lukas. Happy hunting :)

beloved bachelor

Now we all know what is coming up on Sunday, right? It is Superbowl Sunday!!


And finally. Isn’t Boardwalk Badness weekend around the corner?


3 comments to Spanking On The Mind

  • NJSpank

    A friend of mine growing up had a mom’s helping hand at home,I felt it a few times!

  • Murray Roberts

    Re The Beloved Bachelor
    There is a spanking in this film,
    but it is kinda lousy
    The still is pretty accurate

  • badsherri69

    The spanking in the Beloved Bachelor is the only reason why i watch it,luv the cup how funny. Yes BBW is around the corner cute paddle.

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