Natalie Wood: Was she a spanko?

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This is a tribute to the beautiful Natalie Wood, who some suspect may have been one of us, a tried and true spanko!! Let’s examine the evidence shall we?

Back in 1981 I was still a young Teddy Boy with a huge fascination for James Dean and Marlon Brando. Of course in “Rebel Without A Cause”, Natalie Wood was the love interest and like Mr. Dean, I too had a major crush on Miss Wood’s character. In the tiny bedsit I lived in there was a huge poster of the two of them hanging on my wall. There was also the innocence and beauty she displayed in “West Side Story” that kept the crush alive. In November of that year Natalie died and I remember the reports well, this was after all an actress I adored.

Imagine my delight all these years later when I discovered the playful spanking side of Natalie, then examining further evidence from the hordes of pictures of her online that displayed a genuine sassiness about her. Was she a spanko though?

This was the first spanking picture that I saw of Natalie and I liked it so much that I have it printed on a t-shirt in my home. The pic of me on the subway platform was taken a few years ago now.

Now the above pic has been mislabeled many times when it is posted online as being from the film “The Burning Hills”. While that title is one of her films from 1956, and would fit the picture well, the picture is actually from the set of “The Girl He Left Behind”. This I discovered from IMDB in which there are pictures available, in the Burning Hills Natalie had long hair while in the latter film her hair was short. As you can see in the follow up picture her hair is very short. What is interesting in the pics is that they have numbers attached to them, with these two being pics A19 and A20. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it, just what pics A18 and A21 hold in store!! Could there still be more spanking pics of Natalie Wood that we have yet to see?

In Tab Hunter’s autobiography, and in interviews he has conducted since, he says that he actually did spank Natalie as the pics show for her 18th birthday. He also went on to say that later in life he also gave Natalie’s daughter, Natasha, a birthday spanking as well.

Now the next pic IS from “The Burning Hills” and this time it is Nick Adams giving Natalie a spanking, one that she seems to be enjoying!! Again, after going through the pics available on IMDB, this is exactly the outfit she wore in the movie “The Burning Hills”. Now what is interesting though, while Nick Adams was in “Rebel Without A Cause” with Natalie, he WASN’T in “The Burning Hills”. We may never know why he was on the set of “The Burning Hills”, but it could be that the two of them had a friendship in part through James Dean, but also through Elvis who Natalie had dated and was also a very close friend of Nick Adams.

Before moving on to the last spanking pic of Natalie, I want to point out one final thing. Did you know that on her 18th birthday she went out on her very first date with Robert Wagner that same night!! I bet you are all thinking what I am thinking :- )

In the last spanking pic of Natalie I can’t honestly be sure that it is a spanking. It is from the 1962 movie “Gypsy”. One thing is for sure, the hand is definitely in motion!!

So was Natalie a spanko? I offer one final piece of evidence and four pictures for the jury to decide.

On July 29th, 1966, the actress, Jennifer Jones, hosted a party what was supposed to be known as “The Night Hollywood Embraced Esalen”, instead, it became known as “The Night Fritz Perls Spanked Natalie Wood”.

Natalie Wood was on the hot seat during an encounter group, playing her role with gusto. Fritz Perls attempted to get her to admit that she was acting but Natalie was too sly and skillfully slipped out of his verbal traps. Finally Fritz let her have it “You’re nothing but a spoiled little brat who always gets her own way” and he quickly hauled her over his lap and began spanking her. It was only a brief episode and after Natalie left it was Tuesday Weld’s turn on the hot seat, but there was no spanking this time.

July 29th 1966!! Just a mere 9 days past her 28thbirthday!! Things that make you go hmmmm.

The next update will feature some awesome pics I have come across, including Daniel Boone giving a spanking. Even Raquel Welch gives a guy a hand in a bare bottom movie still, and there is also this 1930 screen spanking that I had not seen before, nor heard mentioned in any movie spanking database. It is only a still, but it is yet another one to add to our search lists of spankings unknown.

Richard Windsor.

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  1. terrific post Richard!

    This is definitely something for my Celeb Database 🙂


    PS: If you need some help with your sites (talking about colors and design in particular), just drop me a line

  2. “then examining further evidence from the hordes of pictures of her online that displayed a genuine sassiness about her. Was she a spanko though ?” I thought sassy & spanking went hand in hand. lol.

  3. Hey!, I fell lucky that I located this post while browsing for spanking movies. I am with you on the topic of Natalie Wood: Was she a spanko?. Ironically, I was just putting a lot of thought into this last Thursday.

  4. Hello!-I decided to de-lurk to add to the evidence that Natalie Wood was one of us. I remember reading that her younger sister,Lana Wood (a relatively unknown actress), liked to be spanked hard before sex. Now this doesn’t make that a scientific fact about Lana, but the odds that it is a untrue coincidence are astronomical.—Big Doc

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