Feeling The Love

First of all, Mr. P, I got your phone message and I will call you back on Sunday. Right now I have friends in from out of town but I look forward to talking with you again this weekend.

Now I always like to share the love, and as most people won’t read the comments that are left I will post it here. This is a message that I received yesterday 😀


Well you’ve gotten your wish,“mate”. We’re stuck here in the states with four more years of Obammie and his socialistic ruination of this once great nation. Maybe you limeys should stick to your own politics. By the way, how does a toad like you get to spank all those beautiful women? Must cost a lot of “pounds”, huh?”

How do I get to spank all of those beautiful women?

Well, Bruce, I guess it is because I am charismatic, though, being really honest, I also think it is all about confidence and being a nice guy. Maybe at the next party I can give you some of my pointers, Bruce!!

Enough of the frivolity, right now I am hungover and I left my work bag at the bar last night. Unfortunately in the bag is my camera which has a whole bunch of spanking pics on it 🙂 Let’s hope that I can retrieve it later on today. Here is a random Kiss Me Kate spanking pic, maybe tomorrow I will be a bit more coherent and write proper sentences 🙂 From Salt Lake City in 1973.

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