Sorority Spanking Sundays – 12

This weeks sorority spanking pic comes from Kent State University in 1943.

4 comments to Sorority Spanking Sundays – 12

  • Hey,I went to Kent State University in 1968. Never saw any paddling but the University Bookstore and one other independent bookstore off-campus had a selection of fraternity/sorority paddles on display. Thanks for all these sorority pics. i love them.

  • NJSpank

    Nice one,these ladies look serious. Interesting having some offspring at college,the main bookstores do not have paddles but the off campus ones all do,including small “purse”size paddles!

  • js666

    1943 —what the girls were up to when there were no men around. ;-)

  • Another really good find,Richard! And for once,it looks like the paddler knows what she’s doing –I’ll bet the spankee got a good swat from her. Big smiles all around,which is how it should be.

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