An Old Fashioned Style

Or is it?

As I have stated more times that you probably care to hear, but I have invested hours in researching my topics than most people would find sane. The topic that is a hobby of mine is collecting spanking scenes from school and college plays, and of course I have amassed a treasure trove of these pics.

When I was a young man the culture was pretty simple when it came to spanking, it appeared everywhere in films and comic books and was never really frowned upon. A question that I have asked myself is are these pics appropriate in today’s day and age? The answer I think is quite simple, as an historical reference I believe they are. All of the pics that I have were performed in front of a live audience and represent a different time in our culture, but as Murray Roberts pointed out to me, is it really that different from today?

Around the Internet you will find copious amounts of spanking pics from school plays, from Kiss me Kate to The Imaginary Invalid, school plays are still a resource today for spankings. You will find a lot of these pics around the spanking blogs depicting scenes from these plays, indeed, if you look hard enough, you will find blogs posting daily pics that feature playful spankings of a variety of nature, most of these being birthday spanking pics.

Some of the pics that I have are of older teenagers portraying young girls and I have questioned myself as to whether I should share them, but then I thought of Fanny Brice as Baby Snooks who was portraying a very young girl and nobody seems to mind that. Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion and I would love to hear yours regarding this topic. Like I said, the hours of time and the financial investment I have made has produced a wealth of material and I intend to share this with you. One person had mentioned that I should not drip feed them by posting one a week, but I will be honest, it is a project for me and I want to draw the traffic to my site, not draw traffic to other sites who use my material. The are of course welcome to use it, but I didn’t put all of those hours in for other sites and feeds to get the credit for my efforts 🙂

Starting after this week I am going to move the Sorority Spanking Sunday’s post to my vintage site, and the Sunday posting will be replaced by “Sunday Streetcars”. It has to be next week because I have a great Sorority one for this Sunday. Now as for drip feeding, I will now be posting 2 rare pics a week, but the purpose is that I want to have a weekly feature that will draw interest every week, and right now I have enough material for two years.

Right, here is a bonus pic. I’m posting this one because I have no idea what play it is from. I searched the book cover to cover trying to find the name but it wasn’t there, so enjoy it for what it is.

birdville 52

4 comments to An Old Fashioned Style

  • NJSpank

    I enjoy reading what you have to say and nice pic as well,thanks

  • interesting
    ,bestfrom ,Tim.

  • You know how I love old-fashioned. XoXo

  • Harry

    I’m pleased with what you decided as it means an extra theater photo each week (unlike your other readers,I’m not much interested in sorority paddlings).

    I can think of two ways of possibly identifying the mystery play:

    (1) According to the filename,this is from Birdville (Texas?) in 1952. Was this one of the communities whose local press reported school plays? There would only have been one senior play that year at that particular high school (it is listed as *the* senior play),so a search of newspaper records might yield a result fairly quickly.

    (2) As the photo is from a high school yearbook,they would be trying to represent as many members of the cast as possible. It may therefore be important that they included four photographs (two showing the spanking scene,for which we are grateful!) which all feature the same seven actors. This would suggest the cast of the play breaks down 4F/3M,which is a standard way of expressing casting requirements in the theater. Given the slight preponderance of women over men,it might have been a wartime play,though that is only a guess. So in all likelihood we are looking for a play written perhaps between 1942 and 1945 and in any event no later than 1952,which was available for amateur performance. There were agencies which published scripts for amateur and school performances (Christopher Sergel ran one;Streetcars was of course one of its offerings) and they issued catalogs of what they had available,which would include the crucial 4F/3M information and a synopsis of the play. It shouldn’t be too difficult to lay hands on the catalogs (I guess they would be in the Library of Congress if all else fails),and it would be a timeconsuming bit of detective work,but it might pay off.

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