Birthday Bonanza 18 – Little Acorns

This weekend is going to bring an end to the birthday spanking bonanza series of 20 posts, and today we are at episode 18. There will more than likely be a new post on Monday because this entire series was pre-posted in the middle of May, so I am sure that I am just dying to post something new.

Today we feature the play Little Acorns which I will add to the handful of pics from this play that I have already posted. As I have so many of these now I have created a new page for these photos. They can be found right here as a sub page to the “Various school plays” page. They can now be found under LITTLE ACORNS.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Bonanza 18 – Little Acorns

  1. I like the pictures,but I do wonder in this one what she is getting spanked for.of all the plays you have published this is the only one I do not know the story of the spanking for some reason. Thanks for all you share and enjoy your day.

  2. Jim,

    Please see the post that I made today (6/21/23) for an update that addresses your query. I have shared a play synopsis that was written in one yearbook and it gives a brief description as to why Pandora is spanking Millie.


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