Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 10

Last week I missed out on the Sunday post as I had other things to write about. This week I will double up for you and share two unique Kiss Me Kate spanking pics from days gone by.

Right now I am in the process of preparing for the Boardwalk Badness Weekend which is just ten days away. This morning I wrote my lesson for the Boardwalk Academy For Girls event of which I am running the geography portion along with Mr. K. Though I do still need to get the supplies which will run me about $60. This is something that I am really excited about and after seeing last week what Jules has done to prepare for the event,I have a feeling that it will be something that the girls attending remember for a long time to come. Being that I am getting supplies I might also run an informal class for those girls who were unable to attend.

This party also brings out the best in me. During the week I had written a lot about what I went through last year, the reasons why my mindset changed a bit, but now that I have written it down I decided to scrap it and concentrate on all the positive things in our lifestyle. Because I am always busy at the BBW party I try to keep my plans down to a minimum. This year I have only arranged six play dates prior to the party and only three of them are set in stone. I will say this though, last year at the party I played the most that I have ever played at a party and I’m hoping that the same happens again this year.

There is a roleplay that I have planned with ellee which I am crazy excited about. With what I have in mind it is something that I am looking forward to the most. Just as long as ellee agrees I would love to capture it on video to share with everyone. The reason that I am so excited is that when we both step into character we are always able to pull off some magical play. The reason for the spanking this time around is frivolous at best. Yes, it is worthy of a fun spanking but nothing more. However, I want to turn it in to a scene and I have played it over and over in my mind. All the little details that make things special. Even though it is non serious, the moment that I pull ellee’s pajama bottoms down she won’t need to step into a character, the fidgeting will be real as she stands there listening to me. By the time we are done ellee will be getting the hairbrush on the bare bottom, probably harder than I have ever spanked her before. If it plays out like it plays out in my mind, and I have no reason to think that it won’t, then it is a memory that I will have for a long time. Being that this might be my last party for a while it is a thought that pleases me to no end.

That is the only individual roleplay that I have set up for now, however, I might try to do some more because I love doing roleplays. As the time draws closer I may set up others.

Okay, so onto this weeks Sunday classics, two Kiss Me Kate spanking pics from 1968 and 1959 respectively.

Both pics will be added to my my KISS ME KATE folder.

fre 68

 io 59

4 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 10

  • I am glad you are concentrating on the positives in your life. That is a difficult thing to do sometimes. ANd I am also glad you are hoping to play a lot at BBW cause I for one am hoping to play with you. And kudos on the academy stuff. I am so grateful for everyone organizing and working to make it such a great experience for us girls. I have to admit,a little disappointed the spit ball straws will need to be left at home…lol Since this is a much more serious event then I first thought. But I am so glad it is. It will be so fun to step back into that time period and will more than likely bring back some memories of my own catholic school education.



  • Richard Windsor


    A lot of work has gone into this to make it a very special event for all the girls taking part. Put your mind into that of a schoolgirl going to a strict academy and you will have a wonderful event,I guarantee it 🙂 And I am sure that we will find time to play.

  • Thanks Richard. I am definitely planning to immerse myself into the whole school girl thing. I think it will be great. And Cool-hope we do get to play.

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