I get to spank Pixie in today’s update.


In this scene, Pixie gets to play her favorite schoolgirl role, one where she is the naughty student who has taken the forbidden book of dark magic from the academy library. As is her want, and as you will read when I finally complete my story about my first visit, the genuine brat that our Pixie really is, she seems to take great joy in finding the hottest, hairiest, and most uncomfortable costumes her bratty little mind can come up with for me to wear!! 🙂 Richard Windsor has donned the costume of Harrid the groundskeeper. Yes, buried beneath that mass of hair that had me sweating like a roasted pig lays yours truly, Richard Windsor.

Try as I might, reasoning with the bratty schoolgirl doesn’t seem to work as I attempt to get back the book of dark magic. Realizing that her first attempt at using one of the spells made Fluffy the cat disappear, she tries the same spell to make old Harrid disappear. A nice plan in theory, except this spell not only didn’t make Harrid disappear, it also turned him into a not so gentle giant. This first part is a good old fashioned hand spanking and features some fabulous special effects, just look at how red her bottom gets :-). In the second part next week, Pixie attempts to end her spanking with yet another spell, except the poor thing hasn’t quite mastered the book of dark magic as of yet, and only proceeds to put a mean looking leather strap into Harrid’s raised hand, stay tuned for that delicious OTK strapping.

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