F/M Friday 21

The real story to this image is that it is from a play entitled, aptly enough, BOTTOMS UP. Below the pic of the paddling there is a brief synopsis of the play from a different production. Unless it is just me, you have to look at the image very carefully. At first I couldn’t even see the paddle, and if you are like me and you also don’t see it, the dark park of the girls blouse is the paddle. I thought that it was a scarf and that she was holding thin air, lol.

Now I don’t know much about the play so I couldn’t tell you how many licks were applied, or how they even got to this point, but the one thing that my roving eye did capture, all of the girls are wearing Mary Jane’s 🙂 All pics that I have from the play has the guy bending over the arm of a couch, though there are a couple of images where the guy is bent over next to the couch. Anyway, this will be added to my F/M COLLECTION folder.