F/M Friday 1

The hard drive on my PC is starting to show signs that it is going to pack up in the near future,  so with that in Mind yesterday I backed up all of my files so that I don’t lose any. When I did this I started to consolidate the files into their respective folders and saw that on the F/M front I have 500 plus photos saved. Many of these photos are like the other folders that I create,  being that a great many of them have yet to be seen by the spanking world save for a few select people. They make up around half of the photos while the other half are from vintage magazines from the 60’s through the 80’s.

In the folder that I have on this site called “THE F/M COLLECTION” I have a grand total of 13 pictures. That means that on average I have posted 1 solitary F/M photo each year for the 13 years that this blog has been in existence. Now I know from previous polls that I have conducted that 1 in 4 men who come to this blog have a preference for F/M spanking,  and as I have 500 plus spanking photos just sat there gathering dust it gave me an idea that perhaps I can start sharing them. Now I know that for some of you,  you will see this as some kind of affront,  and I’m not totally sure if it is something that I will continue on a weekly basis. That will be really decided by the response that I get to the first few posts as to whether or not this will be something that I continue.

Unlike the M/F and F/F pictures that I collect where I document the full details of all pics,  the F/M ones that I collected and saved I very rarely put any information on the saved photos because I didn’t really have any plan for them. So for the most part I’m not going to have any background info on each photo for you,  you are just going to have to create your own story for each one. So what I will do,  initially at least,  is post one photo from my rare collection each week along with one photo from a vintage magazine. That will pretty much mean that I can make a weekly post every week for the next 5 or 6 years.

Anyway,  let me know your thoughts,  I will certainly listen if there is a strong pro or con for this weekly post and I will take that into account. At the very least,  from a personal standpoint I will get some satisfaction from the gossip mongers wagging their self righteous fingers  🙂

The first image is from The University of Washington Tyee in 1941. This image was found when I used to search for my SORORITY SPANKING photos. While I am not certain of what is happening,  it wasn’t unusual for a Fraternity to join up with a Sorority for a charity paddle party. I’m not saying that is what is happening here,  only that it could be.

4 thoughts on “F/M Friday 1

  1. Hi Richard, I’m glad you had a great time in Japan. and i just wanted to drop a quick comment supporting your decision to include F/M spanking shots on your blog. there aren’t many vintage shots circulating and it’s lovely to see some.

    Keep up the wonderful work

  2. Hi Richard. Sending you best wishes for a happy, healthy 2020. Thanks so much for adding this feature to your wonderful blog. I am a bottomy switch and absolutely love quality F/M images.

  3. I’ve never heard of FM Friday but since I love anything that is FM related, I am all for it! Is FM Friday a new trend or something you came up with yourself? I am so behind on trends…

  4. It was just something that I came up with. It is something that I do with all projects, Streetcar Sundays, Wednesday Classic, Sunday candid’s etc. The goal is that some lurkers might not remember my blog name, but if they remember F/M Friday then they should be able to search for it as all posts will be labelled the same. And of course it has a nice ring to it 🙂

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