Christmas Spanking Stories

What could be better at Christmas time than wrapping your eyes around some good old fashioned spanking stories? Now of course I write my own SPANKING STORIES from time to time, but this is about giving back to the spanking community and helping someone else out. The guys at The Library of Spanking Fiction have their own story archive totaling almost 23,000 items, you can access the archive RIGHT HERE. Now in order to maintain this large archive they have to host on a dedicated server that they pay for, much like I do with my sites, and in order to offset some of these costs they also have a vast archive of spanking books for sale. Click THIS LINK to be taken to the entire archive of spanking books that they have for sale.

Now then, the theme of today’s post is Christmas spanking stories and the folks at LSF has seven new books for sale ALL with a Christmas spanking theme. These books only sell for the very small price of either $2.99 or $3.99, which is a very small price to pay for a wealth of spanking material, and you can also have the knowledge that you are helping a site out by buying yourself a little treat. You can either click on each picture for full details on each book, or click the link at the end of each description. So then, here we go for your Santa spankings.

The Best Christmas Present Ever

Eleven Christmas spanking stories by eleven different authors. A married couple discuss what Christmas presents to get for each other,the wife saying she would like him to choose something for her as a surprise. She also informs him that this year she has made a significant effort to get him something very unusual,in fact she is convinced that once he gets over the surprise,it will be the best Christmas present ever! Read the full details RIGHT HERE


Blue Christmas

If you end up on Santa’s naughty list you are sure in for a blue Christmas. Naughty elves and angry Santa’s make for some very red bottoms. Here is a story description snippet. “After being ceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend Shelly,Morgan ventures back to Julio’s,his regular sports bar. There he finds that Julio has dressed all the waitresses in sexy Santa suit bustiers,white panties and green stockings. One of his favourite waitresses descends upon him with a sympathetic smile and informs him she has a little Christmas present to cheer him up. To his surprise,she sits him down on a sofa and drapes herself over his lap –it seems a spanking game is about to start,and Morgan gives it his best shot.” Get all eleven stories for $2.99 RIGHT HERE


Christmas at Woodbridge Manor

Ten more stories from ten different authors featuring Christmas at Woodbridge Manor. Here is a snippet from the book and what you can expect…“It is well known that Lord Woodham has a taste for wielding his rattan cane,riding crop or leather strap on the posteriors of deserving women,and his activities are tolerated by the villagers –rumour has it that his Lordship’s perverse talents are in high demand. But as events unfold,it seems that Elizabeth has inherited her father’s fascination with the prospect of a good whipping,and she takes drastic steps to experience such first hand,and a special bond is formed with Samuel that will endure for many long years” Here is THE LINK for all ten yuletide spanking stories.

Christmas Spanking:F/F Femdom Tales

It isn’t just Santa who dishes out spankings at Christmas to naughty girls, oh no, he has lots of helpers in many different forms. In this collection you get ten stories of naughty girls being spanked by strict females. Christmas isn’t just about Santa spanking naughty girls, Christmas eve is a special time for loving maternal spankings as well. Details of this book can be found RIGHT HERE…


Christmas Spanking:F/M Femdom Tales

On the theme of being on Santa’s naughty list, does Mrs. Clause have one as well? You can bet she does!! In this book you will find eleven stories of naughty boys getting their spankings at Christmas. After all, it wouldn’t be right for only the girls to get their spankings, would it? If F/M spanking is your thing then this book is for you. You can order it for your reading device RIGHT HERE…


The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas Spirit by Steve Timmons

When Hank and his wife Heidi begin the task of sorting through the possessions of Hank’s paternal grandparents,Konrad and Erika Hoffman,Heidi discovers Grandmother Erika’s diaries. They make fascinating reading,giving a detailed account of the courtship between Erika and Konrad,and Konrad’s secret Christmas plans concerning a large shipment of toys and clothing for the village children. They learn how Erika’s parents persuaded Konrad to further the tradition of The Christmas Spirit by dressing up in a long robe,and awarding corporal chastisement in return for wiping away transgressions. Not only was Konrad required to discipline Karin and Elke,but Erika too. And so,late one night the week before Christmas,The Christmas Spirit did his duty with the leather strap,and when it is Erika’s turn to confess her faults and receive punishment,Konrad takes the opportunity to help Erica break down the walls she has erected for herself with a cathartic spanking…To get this story and nine others with the Christmas spirit click RIGHT HERE…

One Last Christmas

One last Christmas and one last spanking book to tell you about. Eleven more Christmas spanking stories starting off with this one…

One Last Christmas by Eric Essex

The elderly David Hammond makes his way through the snow-dusted ground to a little cemetery to visit the resting place of his beloved wife,Helen. Since her death,he has never felt the need to wish anyone Merry Christmas. On returning home he is astonished to see Christmas lights gleaming from the windows,and his displeasure increases when he discovers his chauffeur Valerie prancing around in a sexy Santa outfit and hanging festive decorations –contrary to his household rule that there be no mention of Christmas or a single decoration hung. Valerie goads him into spanking her,and it seems that his remaining household staff have similar intentions,starting with Gina the cook,clad only in a festive hat and apron,and Brittany the housekeeper in a similar state of undress. Eventually Mr Hammond begins to comply with their requests and gets one hell of a big surprise! Click RIGHT HERE…


So there you go, seven Christmas spanking story books featuring over 75 spanking stories. Each book is sold for a very small nominal fee and they should get you in the Christmas spanking spirit quicker than Santa climbing down your chimney, check them out.

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