Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 122

Today I will add one more post for February, which will make it a total of 19 posts for this month alone!! You see how good I am to you guys? Even though many times I feel like I am playing to an empty house, my stats tell me that there are in fact 5,000 people who visit this site every week. So maybe you guys can do me a solid in return?

As you all know by now, I have grafted for two and a half years to make my Youtube channel a success. I’m really proud of the work that I have done, especially when you consider the fact I didn’t even use this site as a means to build an audience. In the first couple of months I linked a few videos, but then I realized that if I wanted to make the channel a success, I needed to do so by building it organically.

With that in mind I built a vanilla website to work in coordination with my Youtube channel. So here is the solid that I am asking. Can you guys pay a visit to my vanilla website and check it out? You don’t have to do anything while you are there, it will just help me get some engagement on the site which will help its growth. Of course if you ‘Want’ to watch my latest video on the “Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Memorial” on my vanilla site then I won’t complain. Vanilla or spanking, I still have that damn fine sexy assed voice 🙂

Like I said, it is completely vanilla and I would like it to stay that way, and the website can be seen here. WALKING IN NYC

Now then, onto the spanking image for this week. The image itself has been seen before, but has the newspaper version of the spanking been seen before?

6 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 122

  1. Great find.I also watched your vanilla /you tube.very well done.I enjoyed that you got your shadow in as well. As you said in this post you do have a great voice and I commented here on that as it was in this post that you mentioned it.Thanks for all you share whether it be vanilla or spanking you are a great storyteller and a first class researcher.Have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    Thanks for your support my friend and thanks for checking out my vanilla channel. I was able to get a few dozen people head over to my vanilla channel so I am very thankful for that. Today I have to put together another story but this one dates back to 1656. I was on the grounds of one of the first people in New York, that of a fellow Englishman.


  3. Well that sounds intresting( it would be exciting if he was related to you) that may be stretching things,but stranger things have happened. My brother went to a bar that I had never been to in a state I had never been and the bartender had gone to school with me and remembered me when my brother was carded so small world.good luck with your new project

  4. Jim,

    Something similar happened to me a long time ago. When I was working in the summer camps there would always be a handful of Brits over every summer and one of them came from my hometown. It turned out that in his last job my mom was his supervisor, lol.


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