Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 56

October the 9th already and I haven’t posted this month yet? Alright, so the first week was during the first anniversary of my mom losing her battle with cancer, so I posting wasn’t the top of my list of things to do. The rest of the small amount of free time that I have, well I have to be honest with you, FIFA 17 came out two weeks ago and I’ve used my free time playing it. For shame I know, but we all have to have a hobby, don’t we.

This week I am delving into the archive to bring you something unique. Have to ask you a question though, because I took the liberty to flip the picture horizontally to make it look like a right handed spanking, does it bother you as well when seeing spanking photos?

I’ve included the original so that you can not only see them both, but also you can see the work that I have to put in to clean the photos up. Stay tuned, I have an awful lot coming up real soon.

This photo is from Athens in 1950 and will be added to my spanking folder  “MIND OF HER OWN”


6 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 56

  • NJSpAnk

    Just awesome Rich thanks

  • Noel Airman

    As a right-handed man who spanks with his right hand I think you did a great job improving this picture.

  • Daniel Navarro

    Same here,Rich. I’m a right hander too,and whenever I draw a spanking pic I always make sure the guy doing the spanking is smacking with his right hand. But lefty spankers are okay too,if they get the job done.

  • Double Z

    I like the left- handed version better,but then I’m a left-handed spanker,myself.
    Nice work on the clean up,though. 🙂

  • Very sorry for your loss. I hope all is well over there. As far as gaming goes,I turn 51 tomorrow and I still play games. Fallout 4,Dues Ex Human Revolution and for the reptilian side of the brain,Doom and Shadow Warrior. I prefer gaming to watching TV aside from like 2 shows or something. The rest is all music. I prefer using my left hand but sometimes you have no choice but to use the right. hehehe…stay frosty over there.

  • jimc

    I like the clean-up as well. I also have to say that I enjoy seeing right or left so it really does not matter (I am a right-handed spanker,but I enjoy left too.) and I really like the cleaned up version the best as it does seem to show more detail. Thanks for sharing such awesome finds. Have a great day.

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