Windsor’s Sunday Candids –5

If you want the pic without having to read my blathering then just scroll down, it is an absolute beauty this week, one of the best vintage ones that I have seen to date, at least in the terms of asking “What is going on here”?

This week was a strange one for me, working mental hours for a company that has informed me already about my redundancy. Here is the thing though, I am as blue collar as they come and I believe in doing a hard days graft, so it doesn’t matter to me that I am being let go, there is still a job to do.

Over the last couple of weeks you have heard me say that I was not going to be able to go to Vegas this year, that I had to act responsibly due to my impending redundancy. There is a bit of a problem though, during the latter part of last year I let myself down a bit and I want to get back to where I was at the beginning of the year.

There is no question that the beginning of 2013 was the best that I ever had, in fact I had called it “The year of the Houndog”. It lasted for quite a while and I was enjoying myself so much, but then things changed. Numerous guys have written to me, and yes, that is strange, it is mostly guys who have done it along with a few girls, asking me if everything was okay. I had a bog standard response to everyone, that things couldn’t be better and that I was just taking a break from Fetlife. The truth of the matter was though, things could have been better. During the year I became so fed up with everything that I just totally withdrew. There was even one party where I paid a lot of money to go to where I played one single, solitary time the entire weekend. Think about that, I played one time in 4 days.

Only one person is in control of that though, and that is me. My focus was wrong. In fact it was so wrong that I’m not even going to go into it, because that will give it more credence than it deserves. There were some things that were unacceptable to me and I allowed them to get to me, that is nobody’s fault but my own.

During the end of the year I started to pick things up, I had an amazing time at the SSNY Christmas party and it helped me get my confidence back. It wasn’t just the party, but certain people and their communication with me.

One of the things that started to turn Richard Windsor back into who Richard Windsor really is was a very, very simple comment. It was said to me at the Christmas party by Kor-E. He asked me why I chose to go to this party weekend alone, and after I confided in him a little bit as to why I decided against staying with a group of spanko’s he responded with a really kind comment. “That’s a real shame, Rich, we really miss having you around”

It is amazing what the power of saying something nice to someone can actually do for a person. That comment made me feel really good. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to go to many parties this year so it was a great way to end 2013.

Then this week I got on the phone to a very dear friend. It was a wonderful conversation and while Vegas came up, we both knew that it probably wasn’t possible that I could go. However, I went to bed that night, woke up the next day and said “Fuck it”, while I was not sure I would get the time off I decided that I would try to go to Vegas, I owed it to myself and to my pride. Well wouldn’t you know, my company was more than happy to let me take the time off. Regardless of the impending redundancy, my hard work and commitment was recognized and they let me take the time off. So Vegas here I come.

This party I won’t be looking to get away from everyone, people will be looking to get rid of me. Windsor will be back in full egotistical character and I plan to have as much fun, if that is even possible because I had so much fun last year, as I possibly can.

Nobody is at fault other than me. I’m the only person who can control how I act, I have no control over other people. Some kind words from some kind people helped me get back to that way of thinking. There are a lot of guys who I want to have a beer with and there are a lot of girls who I want to spend time playing with, 2014 is going to get off to a cracking start this year.

This week I am sharing a wonderful pic that was originally sent to me by Will. When he sent me this pic it was no more than a thumbnail, but he gave me enough information that I was able to research it and with some trickery I was able to secure a full sized copy of the pic. So even though this copy isn’t the one that Will sent to me, he gets credit for it because he steered me into finding it. Now this pic is in a college dorm and both people are around 19/20, but if you didn’t know that and you are like me, you could come up with a 100 reasons as to why this spanking is happening. The pic was taken in 1957 at Texas Tech University.

This pic will be added to the very small WEBSITE CONTRIBUTIONS folder.

san angelo 57ab

6 comments to Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 5

  • Bobbie Jo

    I like to read your blathering,Rich. 🙂

  • Best wishes to you Mr Windsor ,glad I didn’t just scroll down.

  • Rich,I’ve been in the scene online and then in person at events for almost 14 years now. Your strong,jovial,no-nonsense presence and sincere friendship has been a constant through all that time. I certainly agree with Kor-E,I truly have missed you around as well! I really hope that wherever life routes you this year I’ll be able to get some quality time,play time,and hugs with you at some point. “the power”just wouldn’t know what to do without our UPT!



  • O.H.

    I can’t speak to the railroad garb,but from the placement of her hands on her face,I believe she was feeling quite shamed and probably her caboose was warm already. And the legs up in the air tells you this was not posed. Great pic!

  • NJSpank

    I also never scroll down and thanks for sharing……I still find it hard to see you lacking confidence,but I do get it,by the way wonderful movie with Amber and Lily,just delightful.

  • Interesting picture –looks to be genuine in a domestic setting,possibly a true discipline spanking or at least a vigorous birthday spanking!

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