Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 40

There have been a couple of changes made to this website over the last day or so,  most of which you will not notice. There are two however that are designed for you to notice. First of all,  at the bottom of this post  (And on all posts)  I have now added a  “Related Posts”  feature. There is still a way to go with that one as I have to tinker with it,  but it is active already as you can see. The reason that I did this was as another avenue for readers to see the work that I put out there. Most of my work gets picked up by other spanking blogs but the links back are few and far between. This way whenever someone comes here they can see other posts linked where they can get the full benefit of what I bring each week. The bottom line is that I want every spanking fan to see what I bring to the table,  even if that is on another site. I just get a feeling that they are sometimes denied that when links back aren’t provided for them to see the rest of the material.

The other noticeable change plays into this weeks spanking pic. A brand new SENIOR SUPERLATIVES spanking folder where all pics of this sort can now be archived. This is something that I have promised for a while and I finally had time to do it. So here is a pic from 1964 to launch that folder.

As you can see,  one feels that this miss is no stranger to the over the knee position. She is nicely poised with her bottom up,  hand grasping the rung of the chair and her feet on tip toes. It would have been ideal if the spanker had dipped his left leg and raised his right instead of the other way around. Had he done that then her feet would have been dangling. Don’t worry buddy,  she has been there before and I dare say she will again. Now lift that skirt up and get to work.

This will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder.

Randolph Union VT 64

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  • jimc

    Hi Richard I do enjoy your new navigation at the bottom of the post as I can easily go to other folders and enjoy browsing through those as well. I like the movies section, but am unable to use it as I share a computer and while I now can email I cannot use it for spanking movies. Great posts . Thank you. Have a great day.


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