Introducing Windsor’s Paddlings

As you have probably been aware of now for almost two years,  I am a collector of rare spanking pics that outside of a few select people,  have yet to be seen in the spanking community at large. It is a passionate hobby of mine and I spend a lot of time scouring archives,  yearbooks and historic sites. Obviously there are also times where I will spend money to purchase a pic,  especially if it has a watermark on and I deem it a great find. Two notable pictures that I purchased and I have at home in my personal collection are these two. PICTURE 1 and PICTURE 2. Picture 1 I paid $20 for and picture 2 cost me $29.95. Because it is a hobby I have no problem paying for items,  in fact a large portion of what I bring you each week I have paid for in some form or fashion.

When I reached the $500 mark I stopped counting how much it cost me,  lol,  but don’t fear,  I am an honest guy. On this site I make money from the links on the side so it is a win/win. Yeah,  it bothers me a little bit when I am paying for other sites to benefit from my financial input by using my material without so much as a click back link,  because it denies our fellow spankos the chance to view a wealth of rare material,  but I can only control how I act. At the end of the day if I make back what I put in then all is good,  and the time that I invest in this is rewarded by presenting unique material to you all each and every week.

So the new folder that I have created is called WINDSOR’S PADDLINGS. I have over 50 paddling pics yet to post with more that I find as time goes on,  so instead of jumbling them in with various folders I will create one as a stand alone folder for those people who enjoy paddling pics. So as a welcome gift to launch the new page,  here is a paddling pic and if you click the highlighted link below you will see all of the paddling pics that I have posted so far.



Over the years I have also collected a bunch of F/M pics where the original goal was to use them in some type of marketing ploy. The thing is though,  they will probably never be posted anywhere,  not on my sites anyway. So to use them in a marketing manner I will look to improve my Google ranking by using one of my survey’s which are incredibly popular for bringing traffic to this site.

So if you are interested in receiving the 14 pics on the sheet shown below and F/M is your thing,  they are all regular size added to a ZIP file,  then fill out the survey below and leave your email address in the last column. As anyone will attest,  I don’t use the emails for spam purposes,  I just send people rare pics from time to time on a whim that don’t get posted on this blog.



5 comments to Introducing Windsor’s Paddlings

  • NJSpank

    Amazing work , thank you Richard

  • Colin Mann

    Hi, I’d gladly fill in your survey but where is it?
    Do you manage to watch the world cup ok? I’m presuming that the networks wouldn’t pay much attention.

  • steve

    filled in survey and in return got gold … fabulous collection of fm spankings … as oliver twist once said .. please sir can i have some more.

  • Very glad to see “Windsor’s Paddlings” – rare, vintage paddling material that I don’t believe has been seen before in the spanking community.

  • Brandon

    Hi Richard, I filled in the survey a few days back (probably 3 or 4 days ago) and I have not yet received the collection of photos. I know you are probably very busy, and that I should learn to be patient, but I’m just wondering if my survey got lost somewhere. I am more than happy to do the survey again as it was a lot of fun. But I’d love to get those photos, so please let me know if you need me to do anything else. By the way, thank you for this opportunity! Great idea.

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