Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 20

This one comes from the files of the unknown. Do not fear though,  Windsor is on the case and soon I will have all of the details for you. This is an original negative that I am purchasing and included in the package will be the complete details to go along with the pic. By this time next week I should own this negative with some cold hard cash. Now as it will be in my private collection I will put my website address on the pic,  I think that if I own it I should be able to get a little recognition for it,  but I will also have the pic available for the collectors who I used to exchange pics with.

Now what is the play? That is something that I don’t know yet. I would say “How to handle a woman” or “Men are like streetcars” are the favorites,  but could it be an unknown play that we yet to have a record of?

So until I receive the pic I don’t have a folder to put it in,  so what I will do is I will link to all of my various folders and next week the spanking pic will be added to its correct folder.


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