Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 153

This week I did a lot of deep searching and I thought that I had come up with something new. I found a play that had this spanking image attached and I got excited that I might have something new to add to the community. After a quick search though it looks like it was a false flag because there doesn’t seem to be a spanking in the play.

The image that you see below was part of a set of pictures that were all taken in the same location. Underneath the pics was the name of a play. Now I’m not an expert on these matters, but a good educated guess is that these pics were taken during rehearsals. The spanking pic was a part of them but I’m almost certain that it isn’t in the play.

So what is it? A birthday spanking perhaps? Maybe it is a kangaroo court and she is spanked for not remembering her lines! It could be any number of things really. The play doesn’t matter because the spanking almost certainly wasn’t in it, so I will add this picture to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS album instead.

I will keep looking at other plays of the same name, just in case there are others, and as I put in the graft to find this image then I will give myself first dibs on searching for it elsewhere. Either way, I hope that you enjoy this entry this week.

9 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 153

  1. Hello Richard, do you happen to know what happened to Juliet Valentina? Any information, no matter how small, will be appreciated. Thanks, Burt.

  2. Hi Burt,

    Unfortunately I have no idea. I worked with her on a couple of shoots but that was nearly 20 years ago now, so I’m afraid I am not able to answer your question.


  3. Another great picture, Rich!

    They all look like they’re having fun; it’s not in the play, but it is playful…

  4. Bogey,

    Likewise!! Growing up in England in the 1970s it was something that you were used to seeing quite frequently, like it was a part of flirting.


  5. Theo,

    I always enjoy discovering pictures like this. My only gripe is that they are never very clear and are almost always blurred in some way. This is after I have edited it as well to make it look at least half decent.


  6. Rich, I guess they were taken in poor light, with a basic camera, and hands shaking with excitement!

    We’re lucky to have them at all, and lucky to have you find them, and for all your sterling work over the years!

  7. All four people are grinning with delight. The girl on the left is maybe hoping
    she is next OTK? Looks like a fine time was had by all.

  8. Dale,

    I would dare say that she isn’t the only one hoping that the girl watching went next, I certainly was as well, lol. It is interesting that they included this image in what I assume was a rehearsal, especially as there is no spanking in the play. They could have at least said WHY she was getting a spanking 😉


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