Windsor Wednesday Classic – 200

Today I decided to do a nice healthy search of my archives to try and come up with something special for my 200th Wednesday Classic. Obviously most of what I post can be considered to be a classic anyway, but perhaps I had something just a little out of the box. How about these two photos?

While there is no background story, you would be hard pressed to think that this is anything other than a Mother spanks Daughter scene, right? Perhaps you have your own idea as to what the background story is? I have my own of course, which is as follows.

I imagine that the young lady’s date has shown up and Mom is laying down the ground rules for the evening. Feeling a little empowered by her date being present the young lady sasses her mom and tells her that she is old enough to make her own decisions. Mom on the other hand feels that a more practical demonstration is required and that she will always have the last word. The young woman is staring at her date in utter horror as her mom sets about reinforcing her opinion right in front of him 🙂

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 200

  1. Very nice pictures. I do however think I recall you saying you preferred spankings not to be an the bare bottom. I may be miss remembering. For me it depends on the bottom in question. I am quite discriminating in my tastes, with very thin and emaciated bottoms being not to my liking at all. I think all women should have a proper bottom to sit on.

  2. Great finds I always enjoy otk and I do love the expressions. I like your way of thinking it could have happened i myself think it was when she got home late from curfew and mom gave her a spanking. I do wonder what year it was though. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the record that you have posted.Have a great day.

  3. Absolutely, Sam, I am a connoisseur of clothed bottom spankings, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate a classic spanking image if I find one. Also, while my preference might well be non nude spankings, I also know that for many a spanking isn’t a spanking unless it is given on the bare. 99% of images by me will be clothed, but I will share great finds if I come across them no matter what the clothing, or lack thereof, is.


  4. It is always nice to find rare material like this, and material that also looks pretty genuine. I mean I’m not claiming anything, this is clearly a studio shot, but just the impression that it gives that it could in fact be a real spanking. Give it a year or so and a blogger will be back distorting the image and claiming that it is real, just you wait, lol 🙂


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