Potpourri Whuppin’s

As you can see I am starting to get back to posting on a regular schedule. In a few weeks time I am going to the Shadowlane party and I am going to be doing some audio interviews while I am there. Right now I have had my first person sign up, have another that I need to confirm, and hopefully a couple more after that.

As I am doing this to promote people, almost exclusively the people who are going to sign up are Female tops and spanking models, though I am going to work overtime to try and get a male interview as well. It is my sincere hope that I can get Dr. Lectr sat down for an interview, but that guy is always super busy making sure everyone else has a good time.

Today I have a potpourri of whipping pics, vintage of course, along with a photo of Elizabeth Taylor getting the ruler on her hand. I hope that you enjoy them. If you follow me frequently you will know that I post some of these photos in groups just to get them out there, I’m sure someone will enjoy them.

1 comment to Potpourri Whuppin’s

  • Carl H

    The ruler on the hand pic appears to be a very young Debbie Reynolds (Mother of Carrie “Princess Leia”Fisher,you know,the one with the honey bun hairdo in Star Wars),both of whom died recently. Elizabeth Taylor had very dark raven hair her entire life,whether she weighed 92 lbs or 292 lbs.

    Carl H

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