My Website Got A Good Hard Spanking!!

I knew that a spanking was coming, I just didn’t realize how bad it was going to be!!

Now how many of you spankee’s out there have said that line before, lol 🙂

Yes, it’s true, my website got a major paddling this week and I had no idea how bad it was going to be. I’m not going to go into full details, but a request was made of me from a friend of mine and I will never turn my back on a friend. Loyalty means something to me. This required me to work with a third party and to put in a number of hours reworking portions of my website. Once I did what I had to do on my end, the third party then did what they needed to do. However, they did warn me.

The third party said to me that the changes made to my website and subsequently made with search engines was going to affect my search engine ranking. Boy, did it ever 🙂 The changes were made to my website a few months ago and it was just three days ago that the final result finally made it to the search engines. Want to know what happened? I lost nearly 50% of my daily audience!! The actual figure is around 48.9%. The number has held steady for the last three days so this is now my new norm. For the most part the numbers were lost on one particular post. The CLASSIC MOTHER AND DAUGHTER SPANKING PICS post was the main entry point to my website from the search engines and now the search engines no longer use that post.

In raw numbers my average number of daily visitors has dropped from 625 to 350!!

Not to worry though, I will build again and reclaim what I once had. To be honest it doesn’t really bother me, I know that I will still retain my regular viewers anyway, and they are the most important visitors. And also this is a part of my nature, I like to help people out and do honorable things. Using the search engines I can see the results of the work that I put in, we achieved the goal that we set out to do, and I can actually see for myself that our target goal was met.

So let’s move on and give you guys something as well. Miss Jenn Davis currently has an offer for FREE CUSTOM AUDIOS for the next few weeks. Click on the highlighted link for full details, but the main gist is that you can write a 1,500 word or under story that Miss Jenn will record, you will get a copy of the audio and then Miss Jenn has the sole rights to publish that audio as she so pleases. So keep in mind that the story won’t be private by definition, but you can certainly have your own story read for you if you are okay with it being released publicly as well.

Make sure that you go to the link provided to read the details for yourself, it’s a pretty nice offer to be honest with you. Read the requirements first and if this is for you then you can email Miss Jenn at

So what does Saturday bring us in the way of a spanking photo? How about we have Christmas in June and view an image of Krampus dishing out his birch rods to a naughty girl? Let’s be honest here, any young lady who wears see through nylon panties with rows of ruffles on them deserves a good birching, such a shameless young woman 😉