Friday Frolic

After the Boardwalk Badness party I started to type a NEW SPANKING STORY and was really excited to be back writing again. Obviously the direction of the story was left a bit open ended so that the readers could have some input. Well,  it’s just one of those things,  the story just wasn’t popular. I posted links over on Twitter and Fetlife and my two other blogs and in the last three days only a hundred people clicked on it,  that’s pretty piss poor,  lol. If I take into account the people who landed on the front page then the story was read over a thousand times,  and out of that thousand just 22 people offered feedback. That’s okay though,  it is not going to be the first unpopular post on this site and I doubt if it will be the last. The surprise for me was more that people normally come to this site to read my stories in droves. I think that it was the subject matter,  either that it was female/female or that it was mother/daughter,  one of them didn’t strike the right cords with people.

So what I will do instead I think is enhance the story and add extra parts and sell it on Amazon instead,  let Joe public suffer,  lol. I’ve been wanting to write stories in book format for a while now anyway so maybe this is a good enough reason to get them underway.

Tomorrow I am going to start a new feature,  another one that I have had plans to do for a while now,  promoting clipss4sale sites by independent creators. There is one clip in particular that features a long spanking over WHITE NYLON PANTIES so you know I am going to be all over that one like white on rice. This is from a person that I met at BBW last week so I am looking forward to it.

My pic today has a bloody annoying tape measure going through it,  but hopefully it is good enough that you at least get something from it. The drawing would be awesome if not for that tape measure. This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.

3 comments to Friday Frolic

  • NJSpank

    I already told you I thought the story was amazing. Thank you. Bring on the next Windsor classic panty spanking. Bravo


  • Oddly enough, I have been chatting with someone on ipunishment who has a very interesting (to me anyway) fascination with yellow tape measures. So much so, I’m going to make F/m film inspired by our chats.

  • Richard Windsor

    Heidee, it doesn’t surprise me at all. It is amazing the little intricacies that people have that turn an average scene into a powerful one. That can be as simple as one well placed phrase.


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