Big Batch Of Birthday Spankings

This is where I normally post my Wednesday classic,  and this week is no different,  only you get 10 for the price of one this week. Now all of these pictures have been posted to my vintage site over the years,  but I understand that not everyone goes there,  I just happened to notice that I haven’t added these TEN ENTRIES until now to my birthday spanking folder.

Now before I begin,  there will be some satire in this post. This won’t be done to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes,  you will clearly see that the majority of these pics are clear birthday spankings,  while a couple of them could also be debated as to whether they are a birthday spanking or not. I will add some commentary,  but please remember that it is satirical and not some grandiose claim of something that it isn’t. All of these pics were first run pics when I found them,  and by first run I mean that I found them all through mainstream sources as opposed to spanking sources.  I just brought them into the spanking world,  and in one case I BOUGHT it into the spanking world.

All pics will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder where you will find an array of dozens of spanking pics of which virtually all will be new to you. Of course over the years these have all be taken and re-posted,  but you can find the entire collection here as one group.

First up is a bonafide birthday spanking. This is the one pic in the group that I actually purchased and it features a girl getting her birthday spanking by a bunch of Navy men with what appears to be a belt of some kind. I’m not sure who she is to them,  quite possibly a cook or a secretary. If you want proof of the authenticity of this pic then click on THIS POST. In the link you will see the girl posing with the sailors with her birthday cake,  then one of her cutting the cake,  and finally the spanking pic. Like I said,  this pic is from my personal collection and this is my scan of that pic,  the link just contains the pre-purchased pics.

Scan (1)

Now you know me,  I don’t normally post smut. However,  with that said I can’t help myself with this next one. Obviously there is no spanking going on at the present,  but is there a reason for that? The guy on the left is holding her down and presenting her bottom,  so why isn’t the guy on the right spanking? Could it be because the lass is biting his leg whilst holding a handful of testicle? 🙂  It could also be that she is giving him a quick tug in the hopes of taking his mind off of spanking her.


Ah,  sisterly love. Who would hurt their own sister? Nope,  nothing but some playful pats her,  we will leave the real spanking up to  ‘Pops’. Of course,  you have to remember that EVERYONE has a birthday,  and paybacks really can be a bitch,  so I will just stick to the love pats.


Now it is time for a genuine sorority birthday spanking,  as noted by the caption and the cake waiting on the table. No frivolous claims of authenticity here 🙂



There is no clear indication that this is a birthday spanking,  neither from the pic or the description of the pic. Could be from a wedding,  a picnic or a hike. One thing is for sure though,  the guy has taken the position of  ‘Horsing’  the girl (that is a spanking technique) in an over the shoulder position. One thing is for sure,  her ass is way up high.


Horsing position


Back in 1985 I witnessed my first ever birthday spanking. Up until that day I had never even heard of this tradition,  and I would guess that 99.9% of Brits had never heard of it as well. Ironically,  and purely by coincidence,  the girl who got the birthday spanking became my romantic partner for that summer. The spanking was given at summer camp,  the counselor stood upon a chair,  and the camp director symbolically swatted her with a broom exactly like is seen here. I saw several that summer where a camper or a counselor received the same,  maybe half a dozen or so. There were probably a lot more but most of which I didn’t see. Again,  no exaggerated claims,  it was purely symbolic and you could have breathed on someone harder and it would have hurt them more.


Your guess will be as good as mine on this next one. A pretty reasonable guess I think would be that this is the sister receiving her birthday spanking from the family. She is over dads knee,  one of her brothers is seen clearly delivering a healthy smack,  with pretty good technique I might add,  all the while mom supervises almost out of picture. It is also probably a good assumption that it wasn’t her first trip over that lap 😉


Now for the last three there is no definitive proof that any of them are an actual birthday spanking,  in all likelihood they are not. They do however have the  ‘FEEL’  of a birthday spanking. The first of these three denotes a completely different day and age. A time where it was reasonable to put an MMA choke hold on the girl you are spanking.


The next one is also from my private collection of spankings pics that I have purchased over the years. It is actually a sorority pic and in one of the pics from this set there was a picture of all of the new pledges to that house along with the woman shown. (I only own the spanking pic)  I can’t remember who she is,  she seems too young to be the housemother so I believe that this is one of the sorority alumni girls,  I just plain forget who she was. I’m sure I am right in saying that she was an alumni though.


And finally,  the last pic that is also more likely than not to be nothing more than an ambiguous playful spanking. It isn’t a clear shot,  you can’t even tell if he has his legs locked around her. What you can see though is that her sit spots are in for a terrible time,  and the one thing that is a major favorite of Richard Windsor,  her legs kicking wildly in vain.


I hope that you enjoyed this vast selection that I have presented to you today. Feel free to take them and make them your own,  only if you take pics 1 and 9 could you at least drop me a courtesy mention as those are ones that I paid for the physical copy of 🙂

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  • jimc

    love all the “birthday spankings” I would guess that all of them were caught at the just the right time. I do wonder about your second one as the outfits seem to say a certain year and I do not think that grope would have been encouraged. Great finds. Thank you for sharing them. Have a great day.


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