Buttocks Beat Beat

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it yet,  but I am planning a trip to Tokyo in December. There is a Japanese punk idol band that I follow who go by the name of BiSH. On Twitter I follow four of the band members and also their manager,  and this week they all appeared in cameos for the latest music video by one of their sister groups signed to the same agency.

That Group is called EMPiRE and I was excited to see the BiSH girls making a cameo in an awesomely titled song. “Buttocks Beat! Beat!”

What I didn’t expect is the title of the song to be exactly as described,  and all six of the EMPiRE girls get spanked in the music video ?

The video is below,  just released today I think,  and when I get home from work tonight I will find the translated lyrics for you. Basically the girls from BiSH just watch the girls from EMPiRE get spanked ?

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  • NJSpank

    Watched this yesterday really fun

  • Neither punk rock nor music videos mean anything to me, but this one’s o.k.! Watching this spanked-buttocks-creature running around and spanking young women is pretty funny, although its intellectual value is nil.


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