Christmas Video Giveaway

It is the season of giving after all and I have a nice little giveaway to thank you all for your support this year. Now when I say that it is a totally free giveaway let me just state,  I will require just minimal assistance from the people who want the online video.

Coming up I am going to flagrantly steal an idea from Pixie and I am going to do my own question time video,  so I will need some questions of course. I’m not going to do the video until it snows because I want to sit out in a park in the open air while it is snowing. As winter is upon us though it won’t take long at all for the snow to come.

What I am offering to you is this. For the Christmas period,  from December 25th until January the 1st,  I will make available online,  totally free of charge,  the following 24 minute video. TEN – THE SASSY PA


If you download it from Google Drive it will be yours to own,  but after Jan 1st it will not be able to be viewed online. Videos are easy to download from the drive and I will tell you how to when I make the video live. Like I said,  it is free for anyone to have.

Now what I would like in return is your help with the question time video that I am planning. Below there is a link where I have a simple form,  “Ask me a question”. You can ask me anything that you want,  whether it is spanking related or vanilla related and I will pick the best questions for a nice fun video. Under the question you can leave your email address to receive the link to the free video. Alternatively,  if you don’t want to ask me a question,  just quickly fill out one of the birthday surveys and leave your email address on there instead.

That’s all there is to it!! I’m accepting questions and responses already,  but the video won’t be published live,  for free,  until Christmas Eve around 10pm EST. So if you want a free 24 minute video of me spanking the delightful Ten with my hand and vintage hairbrush,  then take the simple step of obtaining it below,  it will take you less than a minute.

Remember,  the free video will only be online until Jan the 1st,  however,  I will tell you how you can download it to your hard drive and own it for good.




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