Story Thoughts Results

So over a period of time I have ran this survey to get an understanding of what people like to read in a story. If you want to add your own thoughts you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

To date the survey has received 877 responses. Now 20 of those responses were simply somebody clicking the submit button without adding anything,  so I deleted those entries.

In the first section I asked what was the preferred scenario that people wished to read. The answers are probably reflective of readers of this blog because they tend to lean towards what I post on here anyway. The reason the percentages are a little off is that this section was multiple choice,  so a person could vote for more than one scenario. And a number of people simply skipped this step to answer other sections.

Now we get to the meat and bones of the survey,  namely what type of setting most appeals to someone. The results were a bit of a surprise to me to be honest. While they are close I actually expected the Domestic  –  Non Family scenario to be the most popular. The only reason that I say that is because on this blog that is the scenario that I almost exclusively write about. However it came in second at 30.6%,  trailing the Domestic  –  Family category which came in at 34.1%. It is surprising because I never write about that scenario,  and if the truth be known,  if this survey was posted elsewhere,  that percentage would probably be higher. Because I write a certain way I would generally expect that the scenarios I write about would be a tad higher on this site in regards to votes.

The final section for people to vote on was The Windsor Way. When I posted the survey I wrote that in real life,  as well as in every story that I write,  probably more than 90% of the time the spankings are not on the bare bottom. It isn’t something that I need or crave,  in fact if the truth be known I would generally do it just for the partner I am playing with,  not for myself. It’s funny when I think about it,  many years ago I would join several websites a year. Nowadays,  it is rare if I even join one a year. For the most part it is my perception of what is being presented to the audience. There seems to be a very strong lean towards exposure spankings where displaying the vagina is more important than the spanking is itself. As I have mentioned many times before,  that is a complete and utter turn off for me. I can deal with an accidental flash,  but naked spankings,  exposure spankings or legs spread spankings do nothing for me at all. It is why I strongly lean towards pay by scene spankings on places like Clips4sale. That way I can pick and choose the selections that I want before  ‘ginacam gets switched on.

This is not me being critical of anyone,  people make films the way that they want to and they should make them that way. All I am saying is what works for me,  nothing more.

With that said,  maybe some spanking producers will be interested in the results of this section. There were only three choices,  and while I knew that my choice would be rock bottom,  I was genuinely surprised that 18.3% were totally fine with the entire spanking being given to a bottom wearing panties for the entire session. 52.3% went with what is probably traditional,  the spanking starting on the panties but ending up on the bare,  and finally 29.4% wanted it to go straight to the bare bottom from the get go. Still,  I was happy with this,  basically 1 in 5 people agreed with me that a full spanking given over the panties is perfectly fine. Now if only I could find a website producer other than myself to agree with me and make 1 in 5 videos that way,  I might end up spending more green than I do now 🙂

The final section that was an addendum to the poll was for people to write in what they would like to read in a story. Below you will find a summary of these responses,  but do bear in mind that I have redacted a good number of them. There were some very dubious requests that would not be wrote about on this site,  like,  ever. And then there was also one guy who continuously repeated the way that a spanking should be given by writing the scenario in different forms every day. So I left one of those responses in but deleted the repeats of the same request.

“My favorite spanking stories are M/F. Ideally the girl must be bent over the man’s lap and her skirt must be raised up, just enough to expose her panties, but I do NOT want to see her panties taken down. I have given, literally, HUNDREDS of spankings on skirts or pants or panties, but I almost NEVER bare her bottom”
“Secretary opts for a spanking rather than worse, bent over desk, skirt up. After warm up spanks, knickers down, beautifully reddened bum. She’s very turned on, leads to a very sexy ending.”
“in this modern age, texting and driving.”
“Aunt/uncle niece/uncle is my favorite but school or husband wife etc as well reason is anything normal but not criminal. Basic naughty behavior or bad grades but nothing crazy. I am in 100% agreement with your post. Don’t like over the top spankings just good hard spankings over the knee”
“Coming home and finding the neighbor’s college-age daughter rummaging in my garage.”
“My preference are m/F stories involving nephew/aunt, neighbor, bosses wife, mother’s friend, boss or co- worker. Reason for the spanking would cover a variety of scenarios; but primarily on a dare and/or the female has been naughty.”
“boyfriend/girlfriend, fiance/fiancee, Captain/crew. rudeness/unladylike behaviour”
“Horsewoman Spanking”
“Grown daughter finds out she’s not too old for her Mommy’s knee; extra embarrassed to be spanked in front of her girlfriends.”
“Daddy lg (adult,power exchange, daddy lg not daddy daughter)”
“i like stories where the spankee wants a spanking. While i prefer spankings to be otk foremost and over panties i am not adverse to bare just not nude. i think workplace spankings with romance is the better story or neighbors with romance as well. I do enjoy mother daughter spankings and while i am male i do not think fathers should spank their daughters bare (but to have to admit that the stories do have a certain appeal.) i am more of a fun spanking person rather than discipline, but i want it to be harder than just a birthday spanking so i am conflicted on how such a story would be written. I have enjoyed your spanking stories (obviously some more than others) and look forward to whatever you wite. Hope you get some good responses and have a great day”
“School cheerleader spankings are the best. Female students in skirts spanked on their nylon panties is my second favorite. Third would be female students spanked wearing tight jeans with a couple swats on their jeans, then the rest on their panties. Fourth favorite would be cowgirls getting spanked on their panties. The school swats with a wooden paddle could be given for any number of school violations. The cowgirl swats, on jeans, skirt & panties could be given for work related issues. The main focus is to keep spanking all of them on their nylon or satin panties. LOL. Keep up the great work you are doing. Thanks.”
“A hard spanking, with a belt or strap, while the gal is bent over, with her hands tied so she can’t move much.”
“Neighbor needs a helping hand to make changes in her life, whether habits or behaviors.”
“snippy coworker who than needs help and gets”
“lobe yo tie a woman up spread eagledand then spank her ass till she begs me to stop”
“A role reversal. Say when a mom gets spanked by her son.”
“Two adult neighbors”
“Mother/daughter scenarios are a favorite. Reason for the spanking is not that important, as long as her bottom gets a serious blistering, preferably with a hairbrush.”
“Spankings in public”
“Hairbrush spanking to tears”
“Principal or teacher and schoolgirl”
“realistic school paddling followed by home spanking”
“school discipline by peer”
“I once read a story which has stuck in my mind for years. A young, single mother gets an offer for a job interview. She is desperately in need of a place to leave her young child. With no other alternative, she leaves him with an irresponsible neighbor. While she is at the interview, the police raid the neighbor’s house and find him high and in possession of mass quantities of drugs. The mother is accused of child neglect. She is sentenced by the judge to a long, hard bare-bottom spanking to be administered in a large theatre, in front of an audience to be chosen by lot, I was moved viscerally by the arguable unfairness of her plight and her extreme humiliation. But the story has a happy ending: naturally, she and her spanker fall in love.”
“An adult woman who has made a serious mistake. She is confronted by an authority figure (friend, relative, boyfriend, family member, boss, coach)she respects. The mortified, humbled and embarrassed woman accepts the discipline to include restitution plus a spanking. I like some role reversal where an adult woman (proud, arrogant, stern, self assured, condescending) finds she is in trouble and must face the type of discipline she is used to administering. Lets see shock, embarrassment, indignation and a hot, red well spanked bottom. Sorry but please – no slaves, students or helpless children beaten raw and screaming in pain. No drooling headmaster beating a nude teen age student”
“adult girls spanking their mothers”
“My ideal story varies from time to time and is usually an F/M orientation – the headmistress/older student (6th former) always works. Currently, however, I find the wife/girlfriend scenario very interesting especially if her friends can be involved. Above all, though, the story has to me light hearted.”
“Housefriends Kontroversially Gets To Be Teengirls Disciplinarian”
“Good girl who rarely needs correction but really gets it when necessary”
“My preference for an ideal spanking is one were a fair and emphatic parent/authority figure chastise his/her “victim” firmly or symbolically out of love and for the spankees own good.”
“A privately organised quasi-judical punishment scenario where men (and a few women) i know have opportunity to punish women referred by employers, parents etc. Referrals for disrespect, naughtiness or sometimes just for having an irresistible arse.”
“Two people, male and female, who are in an intimate relationship.”
“I like realistic mother daughter domestic discipline. Prefer paddles or bare bottom is good but spanked over panties when wearing a dress or skirt is what I have seen in real life so it does more for me.”
“Me being a Personal Assistant, and disciplined by my Manager. This includes also Corner Time is his office, or in the corridor, beside his office door. And clients are sometimes witness. I always wear a dress or a skirt, which is practical for disciplinary reasons. Panties sometimes confiscated after my spanking. So I have to go home with a bare bottom under my skirt or dress.”
“playfully brattish behavoiur leads to a joking threat to per her over the knee response is as expected but when ordered over the knee she complies and a spanking results which gradually increases and results in skirt being lifted, Just what she secretly wanted all along. cuddles at the end .”
“cheating wives.”
“sometimes, I didnt listen my parents or I just like spanking”
“Spanked over an old-time satin panty girdle for sassing.”
“One in a bikini”
“Reluctantly consensual. Her secret spanking desire exposed. Older neighbor, husband’s boss senses it.”
“I like spankings, read spanking stories, watching videos and photos and hoping one day I’ll get spanked o trying spanking. I’d like to see spanking story between female and male, maybe a young girl o more adult being spanked by an unknown male, maybe a neighbour or a worker at home (plumber, mason, postman, etc). Maybe because she’s bit naughty or any kind of reason.”
“a young lady being humiliated in front of her office colleagues as she is ordered to bare her bottom and bend over
My ideal is a babysitter/neighbor setting for naughty behavior. First time spankings in view of siblings and/or contemporaries are the best tales told of tanned tails.”
“me as a schoolboy caned by a(mature) senior mistress in front of class of girls, with all the associated ritual and ceremony (long lecture, announcement of sentence, order to remove trousers and underpants, entry into punishment book, selection of implement and swishing / bending in front of very nervous miscreant, then having to bend over a horse with my bottom to the giggling excited audience!)”
“Girlfriends are having a sleepover. Before going to school the daughter tells her mum that her friend would like a birthday spanking. So mum puts the girl over her knee and smacks her over her panties hard and long. When she gets up her bottom is scarlet, very sore and her eyes are full of tears. They go off to school. Later that morning the friend has no classes and returns to her friends mum. She tells her although the spanking hurt it didn’t really hurt enough and would she give her another birthday spanking this time much sorer on her panties AND her bare bottom. Mum looks at her and asks if she would like the razor strap on her bare bottom also, that that will really hurt and she ill make sure her bum will be very sore for a couple of days after it she assure her. The girl agrees she wants that. So a hard panty spanking followed by very hard bare bottom spanking and a very long hard bare bottom strapping later she is howling her eyes out bottom very red, sore and welted. But saying thank you and could she return in two or three weeks when her bum has healed for a good bare bottom strapping again.”
“Being caught wearing nylon knickers by some one ?”
“Consensual, intense, but not real punishment. Still kind of “funishment” but can be a bit beyond the spankees limits. But with a relieved smile at the end.”
“Wife learning submission”

Editing Time

My hope is that wherever you are in the world that you had a wonderful holiday celebration with your family. I held on to my gift right until Christmas day,  just for old times sake. I was one happy man when I opened it,  that’s for sure. Pixie had sent me a lovely collection of treats from a British shop,  and I was all out of Branston Pickle so I was chuffed to bits that there was a jar of that in the goodie box. There were even some Jammie Dodgers in there and I haven’t had one of those in decades 🙂

So this week I am preparing the 7th annual interview that Dana Specht and I conducted back in April. Yes,  another of the casualties from my busy year was not being able to edit the video up until now. Thankfully though,  despite my procrastination,  Dana tweeted a pic this week,  and I guess I should be thankful that I didn’t make her naughty list 😉

Speaking of naughty lists,  did any of you make the naughty list this year? If so I sure hope that you got a good spanking for it. Talking of Christmas spankings,  if you go to David Pierson’s TWITTER PAGE,  you can find a whole series of spanking videos that I recorded with Punished Brats back in the day where I got to play Santa. Just click the highlighted link and enjoy,  there is lots to watch. And be sure to pay a visit to Punished Brats as well.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays my good people.


Site Survey Results

With over 250 responses in for the SITE SURVEY,  I figured it was time for me to show you all the results of what you all like. Now keep in mind that while there are over 250 responses,  no question was compulsory so none of the results will add up to 250+ because some answers were just for one category.

The first chart really is of no real surprise I don’t think. My whole purpose is to bring you the most unique,  unseen pics that I can find. I take pride in the fact that while everything I post will eventually become public domain where nobody actually knows where they originated from,  at least I know that 90% of the pics I post get their first run on this site. It is like my little niche in the spanking world,  bringing you original finds that take hours of research.

It is interesting that 18% prefer the videos on this site when in reality I don’t post that many videos. I have a folder full of movie spanking scenes that I don’t think are out there yet,  but let’s be honest,  movie spankings are the niche of Chross and his team of researchers so why copy what someone else is doing? He does a fine job of that with his movie database and I am just as happy to add dozens of movie stills to compliment his collection in the database.

The one section in the first graph that is a surprise to me is the STORIES only generating 15% of readers’ favorite section. Perhaps that could be that people like my stories,  but prefer the pictures. I’ve included a small section of my stats underneath the first set of graphs (click pic for larger view) to show you that in the last year alone my stories have been read a staggering 60,000 times. These are real numbers as you can see,  not made up ones. Mind you,  the stories account for 9.9% of all page views as you can see so perhaps 15% is a good number.

The second graph is also not surprising based on what I do. M/F spanking accounts for over half of peoples chosen preference while 1 in 3 prefer F/F. If there is any surprise it is that 1 in 6 prefer F/M spanking pics,  even though I have probably only posted a dozen in that 8 years that I have run this blog. Not surprisingly I do collect all of the rare vintage ones that I find,  but they aren’t something that I post on this site.



The second graph is the graph that really does surprise me though,  and perhaps when other bloggers are here to snaffle my finds they can pay head to what the audience might be interested in. On my site,  two thirds of all readers prefer Discipline orientated spankings. Now I say my site there because that isn’t an area that anyone could really say that I focus on,  the area of discipline. I’m about historic spanking,  roleplay,  fun spankings,  birthday spankings,  there is very little about this site that focuses on discipline so I was genuinely surprised by these results.

It actually makes me think of a story that I never wrote,  though I do have it as a private video,  where I disciplined ellee. Part of the reason that I never wrote about it is because it is a special,  private moment shared between two people. Maybe I will ask her though if she minds me writing about it,  if that is an area that is of interest to people. It is one of the very few times that I have ever spanked someone to tears with my hand. Well,  let me clarify,  the tears came more from my words and actions than they did from my hand.


And finally,  this graph isn’t really of much consequence,  but it is pretty much 50/50 as to whether or not people like audio spanking stories. I have done a number of them in the past,  but the feedback never seems to be there. Yes,  it may surprise you that feedback actually helps bloggers. If I do something and people like it by letting me know so,  then I’m more likely to post more of it in the future.


I'm Still Here

I know that I have been absent for a few weeks,  and unfortunately I will be for a little while longer. Right now I am in the middle of packing my apartment for a move and I’m also working stupid hours. I will be back though in a short while,  so until then here is my sitemap where you can find 8 years worth of blogging. Have a poke around.

Tomorrow I will make one of my special Sunday posts for you.

Site Survey

I’m busy watching the soccer today and scouring for new spanking pics,  which I’ve done pretty well with so far this morning,  three new Men Are Like Streetcars pics already of which one will be posted tomorrow. The other day though I stumbled across some spanking surveys over on Dana Kane’s site (Click here for her surveys) and I thought that it has been a long time since I did a site survey for this site. I’m not sure if anyone on Twitter slagged Dana off for having some wank material surveys or not,  or whether that is just reserved for me 😀

Anyway,  if you have a couple of minutes I would love to get your feedback which always helps the site move in the right direction. No question is required,  just answer what you want.

Time For A Caption

It is a mental day in the Windsor household today,  my landlady is coming over to my apartment tomorrow while I am at work. You wouldn’t believe how much spanking stuff I have lying around,  there are brushes and paddles and canes and DVD’s and magazines. Almost everywhere I turn there is something spanking related,  so today I am spending the time gathering everything up and trying to cram it all into a suitcase that I can lock,  it is scary stuff. Talking about scary stuff,  here is a pic from 1981 of a certain hoodlum 🙂

windsor 1981

So while I am busy today I thought why not put up a picture that the readers can leave a caption on. Once everyone has commented I will make a follow up post with all of the comments included. Just click the box below to leave a comment.


What do you think this young lady is saying to herself?


Christmas Video Giveaway

It is the season of giving after all and I have a nice little giveaway to thank you all for your support this year. Now when I say that it is a totally free giveaway let me just state,  I will require just minimal assistance from the people who want the online video.

Coming up I am going to flagrantly steal an idea from Pixie and I am going to do my own question time video,  so I will need some questions of course. I’m not going to do the video until it snows because I want to sit out in a park in the open air while it is snowing. As winter is upon us though it won’t take long at all for the snow to come.

What I am offering to you is this. For the Christmas period,  from December 25th until January the 1st,  I will make available online,  totally free of charge,  the following 24 minute video. TEN – THE SASSY PA


If you download it from Google Drive it will be yours to own,  but after Jan 1st it will not be able to be viewed online. Videos are easy to download from the drive and I will tell you how to when I make the video live. Like I said,  it is free for anyone to have.

Now what I would like in return is your help with the question time video that I am planning. Below there is a link where I have a simple form,  “Ask me a question”. You can ask me anything that you want,  whether it is spanking related or vanilla related and I will pick the best questions for a nice fun video. Under the question you can leave your email address to receive the link to the free video. Alternatively,  if you don’t want to ask me a question,  just quickly fill out one of the birthday surveys and leave your email address on there instead.

That’s all there is to it!! I’m accepting questions and responses already,  but the video won’t be published live,  for free,  until Christmas Eve around 10pm EST. So if you want a free 24 minute video of me spanking the delightful Ten with my hand and vintage hairbrush,  then take the simple step of obtaining it below,  it will take you less than a minute.

Remember,  the free video will only be online until Jan the 1st,  however,  I will tell you how you can download it to your hard drive and own it for good.




Where To Start

This girl knows what she wants,  but does the guy know? What would you do to this young lady? 😉


Pay Attention

I’m in Florida right now and I won’t be home until tonight,  so the Streetcars post won’t go up until around midnight.

I had planned to do this before I went away but I ran out of time,  but sometime this week I am going to run a free DVD/download giveaway. At this time I am still undecided as to how I will do this exactly,  but I think I will give the grand prize winner a copy of all my DVD’s,  and everyone who enters will get a free digital movie download from my collection.

The contest is going to revolve around my stories probably,  so get acquainted with them,  I’m just not sure exactly how I am going to do it. Probably anyone who makes a comment on a story gets entered,  but perhaps the person who gives me the best idea for writing a new story will get the grand prize. They can either do that by leaving a comment or emailing me. At this present time I have about 8 unfinished stories,  but I’m looking to do a really fun one. It will be a birthday spanking story but the details will be up to you. The creative mind will win and everyone else will get a free digital download.

Anyway,  more to come on that later this week,  but read through the stories to get an idea of my writing style and I will be back tonight with this weeks’ Streetcar Sunday pic.

Fantasy Time

As of late I have been in a writing mood and I think that I will do more of it on this site. This weekend I will be presenting the first round up of one of the surveys that I have been presenting lately,  I’m actually going to make this a lot of fun. The “Your favorite fantasy” survey has had an astonishing 292 responses so far. Remember,  these are all reader submitted responses and they will be presented as such. There will be a breakdown of the scenes that people prefer,  obviously some are more popular than others,  but I will also include the more unique scenes. Who knows,  maybe someone will pick up some ideas.

After that I will select 10 or so entries from females and 10 or so from males and present them in a mini story form,  here is an example of this,  and they will all be selected from user submitted responses…

Case 1: A female has an Aunt/Niece fantasy,  the niece has stolen money from her Aunts handbag,  she was given the option of going to her mother or taking the punishment. She is spanked by hand on her panties with her skirt up showing off her tights wrapped around her knees. The niece isn’t young,  in fact she is in her early 20’s and has never even been slapped never mind spanked,  but there has been an ongoing row with her Aunt for years.

As time will go on you will see how good this is,  especially with the real life recollections. The surveys have proven to be very popular and I can’t wait to start sharing the collected results with you. One of the more unique ones was a fantasy of a Crime Boss spanking a Debtor’s Girl 🙂

The latest one that I posted was THE PANTY SURVEY. A great number of people have added their email address in the last section of that survey and have been getting pics sent to their email. That is one of the real life surveys that will please some folks when they get to read some responses,  but that one will be a while off yet. Anyway,  this will be my last post on the surveys,  until at least the monthly posts where I share with you the results. I may even take inspiration from the old Bared Affair magazine and present everything in a digest format. Either way I think you will enjoy it.

Now I have a video to edit to share with you,  probably tomorrow,  which will feature Kat the Brat’s video debut. At the FMS party my Malaysian cane started to show signs of wear so I don’t know how much longer it will last,  so I need to use it as much as I can. Kat of course gets the cane in the video,  in my usual lighthearted manner 🙂 Some lucky girl is going to one day say that she broke my Malaysian cane 🙂


My Videos