Streetcar Sundays – 92

Is that a newspaper he is using or is that a hairbrush? By the kicking of her feet and the pained look on her face,  at the very least you could say she knows how to  “Act”  when a brush is being applied,  feet in motion and everything!! Yes,  I know it is a newspaper,  we don’t need the spanking police 🙂

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  • Daniel Navarro

    Rich, you bring up a good question. On this site (thanks to you, mostly), we have been able to view several OTK photos from “Streetcars…” and on about one-half of them, the spanker is seen to be using a folded-up newspaper or magazine to do the spanking. No handspankings, it seems, for this play.

    WHY is the spanker using a folded paper for the spanking? Is that part of the script? And if so, WHY?Cheers,

  • Richard Windsor

    Hi Dan,

    Harry has the script posted over on his site and yes, the scene does call for it.

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