Streetcar Sundays – 23

I’m fully back now and I promise I will start posting on all of my sites going forward. Later today I will make the Sunday Sorority post on my VINTAGE SPANKING site and I will also post some candid spanking pics on my SPANKING PICS site.

So it finally happened, after 22 weeks of posting Men Are Like Streetcars pics, along with numerous others that weren’t posted on a Sunday, last week I finally got a link back to the work that I am sharing!! Yep, 22 different Streetcars spanking pics, reposted on numerous blogs, Tumbler, Yahoo groups and even Instagram, and finally a single link back as the source of the material!! I feel blessed.

On Thursday I am off to Chicago for the Crimson Moon party but I hope to post from the party itself. I still have some spanking stories to write that I am behind on featuring ellee, Alex and Sara and I hope to start on them once I return from the party.

Now thank you to everyone who left a message while I was away sick, I really appreciate that. I’m almost back to normal now, I just have to ease up on the lifting for a while.

This weeks Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic is from 1955 and will be added to the MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder.

hin 55

2 comments to Streetcar Sundays – 23

  • Fatherjim

    Dear Richard,

    Hope all is better and well with you! Thanks,as always,for another fine gem! Your generosity is only eclipsed by your big heart (and kinky obsession!)


  • NJSpank

    Hey,welcome back so to speak,go slow and take it easy,enjoy the Windy City and your spanking adventures,love this shot. Thanks

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