Streetcar Sundays – 13

Windsor is about to settle down and watch Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final, but I still have time to post my weekly update nice and early today. As I have mentioned already, I now have a group specifically for stage spankings where, although only seven people have joined so far, it has got off to a good start. The guys at the top of the line for stage spankings have all joined. All contributions made to that site will get proper accreditation should I use a pic, and I can only ask for a bit of common courtesy as well from others, please credit the person who shared it.


This week you are getting a two for one for the men are like streetcars spanking pic. The first one is from 1954 and I have done my best to clean it up and I think that I did a fairly good job. The second pic I think speaks for itself. While many of the men are like streetcars spanking pics that I have are very small, and their clarity is poor, they are still better than the newspaper clipping that is attached, so I will give you this one as an extra. Coincidentally, I have a few newspaper clippings of this play and I may well explore buying copies of these papers in the future. As always, click the link below for ALL of my Men Are Like Streetcars spankings pics, there are many, many more to come over the next year.


54038e29_o Clipboard06


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