Oh Happy days Indeed

So here is the deal that I have worked out with others, and by others I mean people who have contributed something to this site. Over the past couple of weeks I have been trading some pics with some connoisseurs, many of which these are for our respective personal collections. Just this week I started a small forum for us all to interact on, which will mostly be used to talk about the pics that I post. To see the forum just click the link below, it is just a week in but already we have started to get some things going.


Now we have to have some fairness here and I am all for what they suggest. What I have worked out with two of the contributors is that if I use their pics in a weekly round up, then I will also include something from my own personal collection so that they get something out of it as well. This week both Will@gotham56 and Harry contributed a pic from the play “Happy Days”which was brand new to me. Now while the quality of one of the pics isn’t very high, as I am going to share them both with you I will also include something from my own collection. After all it is fair, if they give something to me then it is only right that I give something back.

Most importantly, I have set up a new folder to showcase the work of others called WEBSITE CONTRIBUTIONS. It wouldn’t be right for me to claim their diligent work as my own, so in this folder there will be a permanent accreditation to the person who contributed pictures to this website. I know from experience that it can take hours to find individual pics so the correct thing is to make sure that they get the credit they deserve. I would also ask that if other site owners use these pics then they also give the credit to the person who deserves it.

So here are the two pics that were contributed this week, both from the play “Happy Days”,  the first one by Harry and the second one by Will@gotham56. Following that is a pic from my own collection so that hopefully they get something new out of this themselves.

feb37-1 Hayes Players Happy Days (Massey) Happy Days

And one of my own that is not from a school play.

1932 boise

And to finish off with, here is a reminder of the stage section of my sitemap which now includes the new folder, and be sure to bookmark the new forum. You don’t have to join it but there are bound to be lots of great things posted on there in the years to come.

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